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What is the Protocol for Fixing Newly Broken Nose?

Can the doctor put a cast/splint of some sort to help it heal straight? If not, do I wait for it to heal and then seek plastic surgery to fix it? READ MORE

Can a Broken Nose Be Reset Years After Being Broken?

Nose was broken in the late 90s. Can it be reset by a ENT doctor now? READ MORE

Can my Healed Broken Crooked Nose Only be Straightened via Surgery?

Hi. About 6 months ago I believe I broke my nose. There was a crack and a little swelling. It was only made a little crooked though, and since I'm... READ MORE

Broken Nose Causing Headaches?

I Have a Broken Nose and I Get Alot of Headache. Can It Be Cuz of my Broken Nose? READ MORE

If I Wait Too Long to Get my Broken Nose Fixed, Will It Heal Incorrectly?

My sister broke my nose about a week and a half ago. Now that we know it's broken, my mom says I can't get and ENT to fix it for another month of so... READ MORE

I Have a Broken Nose, How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

I broke my nose when i was very young. I got it consulted with a plastic surgeon in NJ, but he estimated the cost to around 12,000. That seemed VERY... READ MORE

Deviated Septum and Rhinoplasty? Can I Get Them Together?

I broke my nose a few years back. I went to the doctors and I had surgery on it. The doctors mended the bone, but they didn't actually fix my nose... READ MORE

Waiting Before Having Broken Nose Fixed?

I broke my nose almost 3 weeks ago while out of town. I have been told by the ENT that I will now have to wait 3-6 months for surgery to straighten it... READ MORE

Will my Doctor Break my Nose During a Rhinoplasty?

My greatest fear of a nose job is the doctor snapping my nose.  Thats not urban legend is it, that doctors break your nose during nose surgery? READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Fixing Broken Nose?

I got hit in the nose, and I'm wondering about how I can get it fixed. I don't want to say i have a deviated septum because I don't. I can breathe... READ MORE

ENT Doctor or Plastic Surgeon to Repair Broken Nose?

My daughter broke her nose today playing softball. She had nose surgery when she was 16 and now she is 40. She could use some modification on her... READ MORE

Can I Re-Break My Nose For Aesthetic Results At-Home?

Hello my name is Christina and I broke my nose about 6 months ago, I didn't even know it was broke,I ended up not seeing a doctor and it healed... READ MORE

Break or Not to Break Nose During Rhinoplasty?

What is the difference between having your nose broken or not during Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

How Can I Get my Broken Nose Fixed?

Hello About 8 months ago I was headbutted in the nose, I felt a sharp pain and my eyes became watery... now my nose is crooked, What Can I do to get... READ MORE

How to Reduce Swelling and Puffiness After Nose Surgery?

Is there any way to reduce the swelling and puffiness of my nose?  I had several reconstructive surgeries to repair my face after a serious car... READ MORE

How to Fix Broken Nose Tip?

A seal on a package I was opening gave way easier than expected, thus "punching" myself in the nose with the back of my thumb squarely... READ MORE

Closed Reduction for Slight Nasal Fracture?

I had small nasal fracture and septal deviation from an errant arm in a soccer game two days ago. It is hard for me to tell if it has affected my... READ MORE

How Difficult is It to Fix Broken Nose Tip?

4 years ago, I was in an car accident hitting my nose (bottom/tip area) very hard. I didn't think it was broken at the time; the bone felt straight... READ MORE

Flying Before Fixing a Broken Nose?

I was in a car accident and broke my nose in 3 places, how soon can I fly? The doctor said the bones would go back together by themselves, but I need... READ MORE

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