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Why is My Nose Red and Broken out 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty exactly 2 wks ago. My doc put tape across my nose after removing the splint, which I removed a few days ago. My nose has since... READ MORE

Should I Delay Rhinoplasty with an Active Hsv 2 Outbreak?

I am having blephroplasty and rhinoplasty but i have an active hsv 2 outbreak. i am taking valtrex currently? should I delay the procedure? is there a... READ MORE

Breakouts After Rhinoplasty

I had nose job last month & since then i got pimple on my face & nose. even on my nostril's & almost inside my nose. is it related to my... READ MORE

Acne Breakout 5 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty/septoplasty/turbinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty,septoplasty, & turbinoplasty 5 weeks ago and my skin just started to erupt with tiny pimples/bumps on the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

Nostril Impacted with Infection?

One year after deviated septum surgery, left side of nose started to hurt & was blocked. ENT sent me to another ENT, who in turn referred me to... READ MORE

How long do I have to stop retinoids before/after rhinoplasty? How long do you have to wear tape on your nose after surgery?

I'm interested in rhinoplasty but worried about my acne prone skin. I breakout on my nose unless I use Retin A daily. Also, how long do you have to... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin after a closed rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Had a closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. About a week ago, my forehead started breaking out. I use benzaclin everyday and tried retin-a a couple days as... READ MORE

Can lightly flicking/scratching of the nose 5 days post Rhinoplasty damage my results?

I had a closed rhinoplasty and cast was taken off 5 days ago. My surgeon was surprised I didn't have very much bruising or swelling! I am healing... READ MORE

bad nose skin after rhinoplasty and breakout?

What is causing this and how can i fix it also i my front view looks really big it 17 days p/o READ MORE

Will I break out after Rhinoplasty?

I am an 18 year old Asian women and was thinking about getting rhinoplasty. However I am acne prone and have read that many people break out severely... READ MORE

Cold sore outbreak during rhinoplasty recovery?

I am prone to cold sores on my nose when i am stressed, run down or have a runny nose for a few days. I am booked to have Rhinoplasty in Sept. I read... READ MORE

My acne got worse after my Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 weeks ago I had my rhinoplasty operation but since then I've had acne breakouts. I'm 22 and have a previous history of acne (since I was 12), so... READ MORE

White bubble on tip of nose. Could it be breaking out? (Photo)

1 week 4 days ago I had a septorhinoplasty. Recovery is going well. I still have the tape after the cast was off. I noticed a white bubble on tip of... READ MORE

Taping the nose a month after rhinoplasty?

I had my surgery on April 12 & my cast removed 6 days after. I'm still wearing the tape today $ my doctor told me to wear it for 3 more weeks and... READ MORE

Can I use a steam room 2 weeks after a Rhinoplasty?

After the surgery my skin has been breaking out really badly. Thought that going to a steamroom would be a good idea to get rid of all these acne. But... READ MORE

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