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Could an Extreme Yawn Break Internal Stitches After Rhinoplasty?

I'm 6 weeks and 6 days post-op my rhinoplasty, was yawing (it was quite a big yawn) i heard a very little tick-like sound, is that weird or am i... READ MORE

Fixing Crooked Nose Without Rhinoplasty?

I had septoplasty 2 years ago to help my breathing, which helped. But afterwards i noticed the crookedness was still visiable on the outside. I think... READ MORE

I Want to Straighten my Nose, but is There a Risk of Breaking my Septum During Surgery?

What are the risks of breaking the septum during surgery (if the surgery is performed in order to straighten the nose)? READ MORE

Do You Feel Any Pain While Surgeon Breaks Your Nose?

Hello If someone is having dorsal hump reduction with pure local anesthesia and when your surgeon breaks your nose does it mean that the pain is zero... READ MORE

Does my Nose Look Like a Complicated Rhinoplasty Case? (photo)

I am getting nervous about my surgery next month. I did not expect my doc to need to break my nose (why, I do not know lol), but he is going too. His... READ MORE

Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump? (photo)

Hello i heard that if your bump is small you can remove it without breaking the nose so look at my bump is it possible to fix it without breaking the... READ MORE

I Have Just Had Open Rhinoplasty and my Splint Was Removed Yesterday After 7 Days. Normal?

My nose was broken during the procedure and a lot of work was done to the tip, that was very pronounced / protruding before. Since removing the... READ MORE

Can I fix a deviated septum by punching myself in the nose?

My septum is deviated to the right and blocks my right nostril. If I punch the right side of my nose will it move back to the middle? Serious... READ MORE

Can I reduce my nasal hump by breaking my nasal bone? (photo)

No rhinoplasty I'm broke, I'm willing to take the pain, I know how to stop a nose bleed, hi I'm Alexander and I'm 16yrs old and my nose I really... READ MORE

Do I have to break my nose to narrow the ala and tip to look more delicate/petite but not touch the bridge? (photo)

My nose ala and tip are too big and circular I would like to add a more delicate definition but I am afraid of breaking my nose and/or going through a... READ MORE

Have I Got my Final Result?

I am just over 4 months post-op Rhinoplasty where I had my bones broken and straightened. I am not happy with my result and I have read on here that I... READ MORE

Does the Nose Have to Be Re Broken to Get a Dorsal Augmentation?

I had a dorsal hump removed and it like to get it back with a graft, id just like to know what the procedure consists of, does the nose have to be... READ MORE

Procedures for a Whole Nasal Bone Break Down? (photo)

Hi, I was advise to do a septo/rhino/alar-plasty together, to break down my whole nasal bone and straighten it, smaller the width/nostrils and sharpen... READ MORE

If Dr Does Something During Operation, Not Discussed Pre Op?

I had a nose job to fix the tip. My bridge was fairly straight, just a very small bump on one side. My surgeon said he would file down the bump.... READ MORE

Woke up?!! Why did I wake up during surgery? I woke up during surgery as they were breaking my nose.

Why did I wake up during surgery? I woke up during surgery as they were breaking my nose. Thank God I didn't feel anything. But they quickly finished... READ MORE

Nose Manipulation 4 Days After Operation?

I've recently had a small nose manipulation after breaking it, but the external splint has become oily and wet and has came off 4 days after my... READ MORE

To achieve a smaller nose, can this be a completed without breaking ? (photos)

I want a smaller nose from side profile and also face on my nose up top has a wide bone . I want a smaller looking nose .please tell me if you agree... READ MORE

I've had a consultation and was told that I would need a septo/rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've looked at so many pics on realself and it seems that septoplasmy patients have extremely harsh noses that would obviously not be fixable without... READ MORE

Can a Nasal Implant Break?

I had a Rhinoplasty done 5 months ago, in which a silicone nasal implant was fitted. Now, I can hear crackling sounds whenever I touch my nose. Could... READ MORE

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