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Hard Bump on Left Side of Nose

A bony bump has developed on the left side of my nasal bridge. I realized it three months ago. As its only on my left side i think its something... READ MORE

Bony Bumps Reappearing 2 Months After Rhinoplasty, Is This Permanent?

21 yr old male 2 months post op. Large hump and sides shaven down as well as an osteotomy, nothing to tip. Upon cast removal I was extremely pleased... READ MORE

Bones in the Nose Moved (Havnt Had Surgery)

I have a bony bump on the left side of my nose and it's only on the left side so I was wondering maybe the nose bones have moved down. I have only... READ MORE

Cocaine nose damage. Do I need nose surgery?

I've got into coc for over 2years, just weekends. I stopped cuz my nose started to look skinnier around valve area. It's been over2months now,but... READ MORE

Unhappy With The Bump on Bony Part of the Nose 3 Months Post Op (photo)

Hello, I'm three months post rhinoplasty and I have a small gap on the top of my nasal pyramid, the bony part of the nose. The top is a little... READ MORE

I have a bony bump on the left side of my nose. What is it and how do I get rid of it? (Photo)

-Bony -Very hard -Does not move -Upper left side of my nose -On the nasal bridge READ MORE

Cartilage showing very white tip. Happy with dr and nose but not cartilage show and want as many experts to weigh in. (photos)

7 mo post op, thin skin before surgery and now cartilage shows even more through the tip. No grafts were placed in my nose, tip just shaved down. My... READ MORE

Why do I have a bump on my nose after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I have a bump on one side of my nose and its hard and bony, when i press on it, it wont go down and it makes my nose look crooked. Im 1 month post op READ MORE

Is this a bony spur that has grown right after rhinoplasty. What can I do? Also will my nose remain crooked? (Photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty a month and a half ago. My cast was removed 8 days post op and I noticed a small hard lump on the left side of my bridge where... READ MORE

I always assumed a simple hump reduction would suffice, but I'm now thinking that things are more complex. (photos)

Ive a big hook nose. But I think the hump is exacerbated by boney prominence either side, so the angle is exaggerated from views between lateral &... READ MORE

Has anyone of you augmented and widened upper bony nose bridge successfully?

I'm starting to be desperate. I have not found any pictures of anyone who has widened nose bridge. READ MORE

Something is off about my nose. Is surgery the only option? (photo)

Something is off about my nose. The middle is either too bony, or I have a bump on my nose. Is surgery my only option? Would something like... READ MORE

Torn between Rhinoplasty and Jaw Augmentation. What could be done to improve the look of my nose? (Photo)

My orthodontist told me I would benefit from jaw surgery to move my lower jaw forwards. I am considering this surgery to balance my features but even... READ MORE

Crooked and bony nose after rhinoplasty.. What can I do? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago and I'm very depressed about the results. What I discussed with my surgeon was to reduce the overall size, straighten... READ MORE

35 days post op. Closed rhino+septo+sinus surgery. Uneven nostrils, piggy look, horrible bony hump on bridge! (Photo)

I still have uneven nostrils, left one is higher and pointing too much than the other one. Actually I like right nostril's shape and angle but it... READ MORE

How to revise Blanch spot with bony lump on nose tip that appeared 8 months after nasal cartilage implant on the tip?

I had hump removal, dorsum narrowed (to prevent open rooftop), deviated nose straighten and a Nasal cartilage grafted on nose Tip. Prob: Blanch spot... READ MORE

My nose bridge is very wide and boney, what could be done to fix it? (Photos)

To me my nose looks feminine from the side, I wouldn't want to change that however, looking straight at my nose it appears very wide and lacks... READ MORE

I've had a bump on my nose bridge for 5 weeks now. Will it go down all the way? Please help! (Photo)

I've asked this question before, but I've just been getting really really depressed about my bump. I was punched on my nose and a boney bump formed.... READ MORE

Bony protrusion by tear duct following rhinoplasty/septoplasty, will this go away?

Rhinoplasty/setoplasty 2 months post op to remove dorsal hump, narrow bridge and define tip. There's a small, very firm ball of bone under my tear... READ MORE

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