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What Is The Difference In Using Bone vs. Cartilage In Rhinoplasty?

Hi what is the difference between bone and cartilage in rhinoplasty and what is used for where. and what is the best option to use when the patient... READ MORE

What Paranasal Filler Options Do I Have, Such as Bone and Tissue, other than an Implant?

I have some obvious sinking in the paranasal area due to bone loss and perhaps tissue loss too. I wish to avoid implants and wondered whether bone... READ MORE

My Nose Looks Horrible After the Surgery? (photo)

I had a nose job done which included iliac crest bone grafting and tip reduction 6 days back ...earlier i was having saddle nose with blunt tip with... READ MORE

Will Synthetic Bone Graft Shrink After Bone Graft on Nose Bridge?

8daysago.i had infracture nose side..synthetic bone graft 1/3 upper nose around eye corner.other lower 2/3 portion of my nose is not injected with... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a bone put in my nose via Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have a really flexible nose; it has no bone. I dont like the appearance of it and i always wondered can i make it smaller and have a bone put in it.... READ MORE

Is it normal for a skin graft to be dark purple after 5 days (photo)

I had a bone graft that was infected with mrsa removed along with the dead skin on my upper nose. Do you think a full thickness graft was used.And how... READ MORE

I Want to Know Whether I Can Easily Have a Bone Graft from my Nose Removed. I Don't Like It?

Would it be difficult or easy to remove a bone graft from my nose? I don't like it and I don't feel attractive. The original surgeon that put in the... READ MORE

Olecranon Bone Graft for Dorsal Augmentation?

I have read two studies, one in Brazil and one in Australia, that came to the conclusion that olecranon bone graft is an excellent source for dorsal... READ MORE

1 Year Rhinoplasty Post-OP, Dermatology and Health Limitations?

I had a mix of goretex and bone grafts from the ear implanted in my nose (Asian Rhinoplasty) and was wondering what are my limitations a year later?... READ MORE

Is it possible to add bone to the part of the nose that connects to the eyebrow in a revision rhinoplasty?

I suspect my doctor fractured too aggressively and I Los bone in the area between the eyes and also middle eyebrow area is it possible to restore this? READ MORE

Rib graft vs calvarial Bone graft for nasal reconstruction after trauma??! (photos)

I had a trauma mi nose still very crooked and I lost most of mi nose bridge and I have breathing problems on one of my nostrils I'm looking for... READ MORE

The ENT doctor put in a bone graft to fill in the side wall of my nose . It's been 3 months and I feel the graft moving.

I feel dizzy and noxious thru out the day . what if they have to take out the graft how would they keep my nose up??? Also if they keep it in are they... READ MORE

Will my upper lip go back to normal after rhinoplasty/bone graft? I can't smile and it looks huge. (photo)

I had rhinoplasty done about ten days ago. I wanted more of a "swooped" appearance and my tip lifted. My surgeon did a "bone graft?", and recycled... READ MORE

Adding bone to the lateral area of where the bone next to the eye meets the forehead to make the area thicker

The doctor made the bone that connects to the forehead extremely thin and this is really making my eyes look strange he took off a lot of bone between... READ MORE

Three weeks ago I had a bone graft placed on the bridge of my nose. Is this bump just swelling? (photo)

The surgeon shaved down the bridge of my nose first and placed an artificial graft over the top. The bump looks worse now than it did before how is... READ MORE

2 weeks post rhinoplasty and mental bone graft. Now jawline issues? (Photo)

I had an awesome rhinoplasty two weeks ago. The astute surgeon noted I had a somewhat asymmetrical chin and the plan was for a sliding genioplasty.... READ MORE

Mouth breathing, collapsing nostrils, no allergy; what surgery?

I mouth breathe have no alergie an endoscope was put into my nose,on the left side there was inflammation I always have mucas in my nose. On Both... READ MORE

How common is it to find bone instead of cartilage in rhinoplasty grafts?

My revision rhinoplasty surgeon said some of my grafts put in during my primary were bone. He said if you cut back far enough there is bone attached... READ MORE

Can a bone graft successfully be used to widen the last real walls of the nose?

To create an ascending process of the maxilla further away from the nose Where is this bone graft harvested? Is it true that it can make bone fuse to... READ MORE

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