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Why are my nostrils different sizes? (Photo)

I never broke my nose, but I DID press on the bridge of it a lot because there is a bump on it (i looked up nose exercises online and it said that you... READ MORE

My Parents Think I Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Do I Need a Rhinoplasty?

How can I convince my family that I don't have Body Dismorphic Disorder, but just want to change my nose because I've always been unhappy with... READ MORE

I hate my side profile , I was wondering what could be done to my nose and chin ? Do I require surgery or would fillers work? (p

I hate my profile but I'm not sure what I need ? My doctor thinks I'm showing signs of body dismorphia but I would appreciate your thoughts ? READ MORE

Are nose jobs for people with body dysmorphia?

Every single rhinoplasty story i hear "Omg my nose my nose i hate it for years i wanted to die cuz of it" and then often after they are like "omg... READ MORE

What Kind of Results Should I Expect if I Have Rhinoplasty? (Appearance Wise and Pain, I'm Terrified!) (photo)

Hi, so as you can see my nose is too large for my face, and I have wanted to get it done for over 8 years, but fear and money have been holding me... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump and Drooping Tip when Smiling?

Here's the deal. I'm 17 years old and i am taking Zoloft for a condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I am Extremely unhappy with my nose. I... READ MORE

What will happen if I duck tape down the bump on my nose bridge?

Hi I have body dysmorphia and have no $for surgery andnever will. I want to die because of my nose. It has a huge bump and it's crooked and i pressed... READ MORE

HONESTLY, would I look better with a nose job? (Photo)

I had body dysmorphia and pressed on the bridge of my nose. I previously had 100% perfect breathing, but now one nostril (my right) is COMPLETELY... READ MORE

Can you make a nose bump straight by pressing on it?

I have extreme body dysmorphia. People have made fun of me for the bump on my nose. It's a TINY hump, so I thought I could change it by pressing on it... READ MORE

how can I convince my parents and can I get my nose to look like the one on the right? (photos)

I feel really down whenever i see a mirror and look at my nose. i have already talked to a counsellor many times about my BDD, and I have done... READ MORE

Will my nose fix itself eventually (after trauma) or do I need surgery?

I had body dysmorphia and pressed on the hump of my nose for years. Now i have lots of trouble breathing. and the inside of my nose feels crushed. but... READ MORE

Is there any way to make your nose BIGGER without surgery?

For years I hated the bump on my nose. I had body dysmorphia and I stared in the mirror at it everyday. I pinched it and pressed on the bridge HARD... READ MORE

What will happen if I press on the bridge of my nose bump? Will it get straighter?

I had body dysmorphia + no money at all for rhinoplasty, so I pressed on the bridge of my nose with LOTS of force for years. I read online that your... READ MORE

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