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Fraxel Restore - Safe After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty 8 months ago and since developed hyperpigmentation (redness & darkening) on my nose. It's only on the lower half, but... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Addressing Shape of Bridge and Bulbous Shape of Nose? (Photos)

Hello,I am a nineteen year old male and for quite some time now I have been dissatisfied with the appearance of my nose. My main dislike of it is the... READ MORE

Is my Nose 'Fixable'? (photo)

I am biracial and I have never seen a nose like mine. It is not only wide, but my nostrils are really round. I really want to model but i can't with a... READ MORE

I am of Biracial Heritage. Can the Area of the Nose Between the Eyes Be Altered by Rhinoplasty To Be Made More African American?

I am of bi racial heritage and have a slim nose with a fairly pointed tip, I would like a rhinoplasty to make my nasal bridge a very gradual subtle... READ MORE

Do I qualify for an ethnic nose job? I'm half German half Jamaican/Scottish. (photos)

Hi I'm biracial & when I was a kid I feel like I had the average German family nose w/ a few African deviations like the nostrils being slightly... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for biracial. Is my nose too big? (Photo)

I want to know what would make my nose look better Im really insecure about how large it is. READ MORE

Biracial nose job - Specialized plastic surgeon (Photo)

I have always wanted to get a noise job but have always been fearful of an unfavorable outcome. I'm biracial and have a very flexible noise that does... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make My Nose Thinner? (photo)

I was wondering if surgery could make my nose thinner. I'm half Asian so I have a wide nose. I like the look of Charlize Theron's nose, but I know I... READ MORE

Is this photoshop rhinoplasty realistic? Biracial, male. (Photos)

Hi so I photoshop my pictures quite often as I'm i I I i am very insecure about my nose and I read up a lot on these forums and people always say... READ MORE

Where to get a good rhinoplasty in North Carolina?

I'm a 22 year old bi-racial female. I've always hated my nose it seems exceptionally large compared to my face. I need help finding a doctor in NC who... READ MORE

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