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How to Fix a Bent Nose? (photo)

Hey i'm 21 years old i have got a bent nose.. but i can't remeber getting it broke when i was younger but in picture when i was a kid it was straight.... READ MORE

Why Does the Tip of my Nose Bend to the Left After Rhinoplasty (6 Weeks Post Op)?

I had my rhinoplasty 10th may 2011 at stirling through transform, I had the bridge changed (which is perfect) and the tip, I had a double READ MORE

My Nose is Bent Toward the Right at the Top then Bends Back Toward the Left Above the Tip? (photo)

What Procedure Would You Recommend? I have been referred to an ears nose and throat clinic but am not sure what to push for. I would just like a... READ MORE

I Want to Get Some Cartilage Removed Form my Nose and the Tip of my Nose Taken Off?

I want to get some cartilidge removed from my nose and the tip if my nose removed a little bit as at the moment my nose looks droopy and bent, could... READ MORE

Sideways Bump Nose to After Rhinoplasty!

10 days after rhinoplasty I was squeezing through a jammed door. I turned my head too early and bent my nose sideways on the door. It hurt but... READ MORE

Why is my nose bent downwards? (photo)

The front part of my nose is bent downwards. I'm really self conscious about it. People say they can only notice it from my side, but it still bothers... READ MORE

Nose Looks Bent from the Side 8 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

After my splint was removed 8 weeks ago my nose looked fine, however 8 weeks on you can see the it now looks bent and ugly is this normal? READ MORE

Why is my nose is bent? What can I do to fix it? (photo)

My nose is bent. The right side of my nose bone is smaller than the left side. I didn't damaged it. It's not genetic problem too as both my parents... READ MORE

I want a perfect nose. I want the sides of my nose to curve inward when you look from the front. Can this be done? (Photo)

I'm 22 and always had a small nose but I want it shaped perfectly like kim kardashian very small elegant and symetrical.. The side view I don't mind... READ MORE

Crooked/bent nose tip 3 weeks after septo-rhinoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi,I had setpo/rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago . i noticed my nose was a bit crooked after the cast was taken down.Now after 3 weeks the swelling is less,but... READ MORE

Is it possible for a deviated septum to go away on its own?

I got injured and for the past few months I've had a blocked right nostril, but it seems to be gradually getting better every few months. Doctor said... READ MORE

I have a deviated septum and shifted columella. What procedure is best for me? (photos)

I suffer from a deviated septum from an injury I had as a child. The tip of my nose feels completely bent to one side and nostrils are assymetrical. I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op and nose appears to be healing bent. It's curving and tip is bent. Will it straighten? (Photo)

I hade open rhinoplasty. Could this be swelling or is it possible that this is what my nose is going to stay like? It wasn't so noticeable when the... READ MORE

I can't breath properly through my right nostril. Is this normal? My tip is bent. Could this be due to swelling and stitches?

2 weeks post septorhinoplasty. I can breath perfectly through my left nostril but not through my right. Only a small amount of air comes through the... READ MORE

Crooked nose bridge, is it fixable?

I have had a bulging nasal tip for a very long time that looks sort of like a ping pong ball is lodged at the front of my nose. However I noticed that... READ MORE

Is my Nose Wonky Because of Swelling? (photo)

I am two weeks post-op and am very happy with my nose from the profile. However, from the front it appears wonky? As though it is bending to one side.... READ MORE

Is This Normal for my Nose to Look Bent? is This Swelling?

Had my closed rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago now and i still feel it looks bridge is'nt flat or straight, i feel it goes from my forehead and not my... READ MORE

Does my columella look normal 35 days post-op? (Photos)

After my cast was removed post rhinoplasty I was shocked to see my columella sewn on bent, but my Dr assured me it was normal and said that no nose is... READ MORE

Can scar tissue be removed after Rhinoplasty surgery? (photos)

I had my op in Nov 2012. My surgeon made my nose thinner over the bridge, didn't touch the tip but there is a bulge above my nostrils, he said that... READ MORE

septum cartilage bent back after septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. Has it moved?

About a month after surgery when i sniff while i'm looking inside my nose i notice that my septum cartilage moves and it bent to one side. how to... READ MORE

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