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Would I need a splint if I just have tip rhinoplasty?

Don't see why I would need a splint if I don't decide to have my bone worked on. If I require some bandages how soon until I can remove them? READ MORE

Post-surgery, how long does it take to remove the bandage and for swelling to come down?

- is it reported as a painful procedure? - how long does it take to be able to fully breath through your nose? I am currently thinking of getting... READ MORE

Is it normal for nostrils to be different / nose to be headed towards the left 1 day after Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

The first day when nurse came by to change bandage, I noticed how my nostrils are very different from each other (one's bigger and one's smaller; one... READ MORE

Does a nose shrink after a rhinoplasty and if so how long after surgery usually? (Photos)

I had my rhinoplasty/deviated septum surgery four months ago and my nostrils are soft but my tip is hard. What does this mean? Also do noses shrink in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty surgery.

I just had my nose done on Thursday and the Dr. Put bandage inside of my nose. It has been very hard for me to breath since then. But last night I... READ MORE

Will my nose be straight again like it was before the bandages were put on? (Photo)

Before the bandadges, when i took off the cast, my nose was extremely straight (first picture). When i removed the bandadges i noticed that my nose... READ MORE

What to expect during a follow up appt?- rhino, bleph, face fat transfer, and chin implant

I undergone rhino, bleph, face fat transfer, and chin implant. There were alot of dried blood along with other stains stuck to me face after the doc... READ MORE

Seroma drainage 1 week after rhinoplasty/jaw surgery. Advice?

I'm an American, in Korea (had jaw surgery, rib graft rhinoplasty) got ear/throat infection after surgery, begged for amoxicillin. Dr. said no. lymph... READ MORE

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