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Buccal Fat Vs Midface Lift Vs Fat Transfer Rhinoplasty

I want to do something about my face. I Don't know what. Should I get buccal fat removal and fat transfer or, a mid facelift? I had big cheeks as... READ MORE

Is my Nose the Big Problem with my Face? (photo)

There is a problem with my face which is bothering me my whole life. Now I am 40 years old and would like to solve it. Nobody ever tells me my face... READ MORE

Small jaw, large nose: What cosmetic procedures would balance my face out? (Photo)

Hi there, I feel like a cosmetic procedure could help me balance my face out; I think my jaw is very small and my nose is rather large for my face. I... READ MORE

In Your Honest Opinion, Would a Rhinoplasty Improve my Facial Balance? (photo)

Im 16, and I'm wondering If a rhinoplasty would help me. I feel like my face isn't as balanced as it could be. I broke my nose once in my life but... READ MORE

I need my nose to be more balanced with the rest of my face. What procedure do you recommend? (photos)

What kind of work do I need done on my nose to have better balance with my face? I wanted to slim down the overall appearance of the bridge and tip,... READ MORE

If you have a big nose and ears, should you get both cosmetically fixed? (Photo)

I've only ever really focused on my nose, but as I've been paying attention to my features. Getting my nose done would still leave me with big ears.... READ MORE

Would a rhinoplasty balance out my face? (Photo)

I've always felt that my nose is not as defined and feminine as I would like. The front bothers me much more than the profile at this point, but... READ MORE

Will a nose job and chin augmentation balance out my face more? (Photo)

My chin has always been recessed and even the slightest nod forward my neck disappears.What are options? And nose job combo? READ MORE

I have a round tip that widens too much when smiling. Would rhinoplasty mess up my overall facial appearance? (Photo)

I really dislike how wide my nose spreads when I smile, and I would also like the round, bulbous tip to be more refined. However, I don’t HATE its o... READ MORE

Rhino & chin augmentation? (Photo)

Do I need these two to have a balanced profile/face ? Is the tip of my nose too bulbous? READ MORE

What procedures would I need to have a more balanced nose to my face? (Photo)

I am really starting to research having rhinoplasty. I am 32 and have struggled with my nose since high school. I am wondering if I could expect a... READ MORE

What surgery could I get alongside Rhinoplasty to make my face less oblong? (photo)

I am turning 18 in a few days and for years I have hated my long nose and face shape. What surgery would you recommend I get alongside my rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Do I have a pointy nose or a weak chin or both? (photos)

Do I have a pointy nose or a weak chin or both?Please tell me if I need a rhinoplasty and/or a chin augmentation for a more balanced profile.Thanks in... READ MORE

Thick skin Rhinoplasy: How can I achieve the "Holywood" look? (Photo)

I have a more rounded face from age. I understand rhinoplasty might be difficult but was advised Chin augmentation may balance my nose. Last thing I... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed? Will I need additional surgeries to create a balance? (photos)

I'm 38 and I've hated my nose for as long as I can remember. To make matters worse, I broke it a year and a half ago and have gained breathing issues... READ MORE

Bulbous nose tip - what would make it more balanced to my face?

I am really looking into getting my nose fixed in the next year. It really bothers me a lot, and it seems way to big for my face. The tip is very... READ MORE

Profile Improvement Procedures? (Photo)

I recently had an appointment with a renowned plastic surgeon who told me the only thing he could do to improve my profile was to straighten my nose.... READ MORE

What can be done to have a nice profile? (photos)

I have always been self conscious about my nose, what else can I do to my face to balance it out. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and chin implant in Australia, or overseas? (Photo)

I have always been unhappy with my profile due to my overbite and the hump on the bridge of my nose, and would think rhinoplasty, a chin implant and... READ MORE

Do I need a nose job and a chin implant? (Photo)

Hi I'm deciding on a chin implant and s nose job do I need both ? I don't think my face has balance. Please help READ MORE

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