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What Are the Chances of Rhinoplasty Going Wrong?

As in, permanent scarring, infection, rot, nose collapse, deformation, death, etc. READ MORE

12 Days Post Op. Really Hate My Nose At This Point

2 yrs ago I got a silicone L-shaped implant on my nose. It had great projection & definition at the bridge but that was it. It shifted, the tip... READ MORE

Do I Have A Bad Nose Job and is a Revision Needed?

Had open septorhinoplasty with osteoctomy last february to remove hump in nasal dorsum,improve breathing and fix droopy tip.First month could breathe... READ MORE

Nose Getting Worse and Worse After Rhinoplasty

This is my second rhinoplasty. It's been about 5 weeks and my nose seems to be getting worse. My nostrils are getting wider, very uneven, and two... READ MORE

Did I Get a Bad Nose Job?

I got most of the bandages and stitches removed today (7 days later). I feel like the doctor narrowed my bridge too much and it looks unnatural. Will... READ MORE

Did I Get a Bad Nose Job... or Is It Too Soon to Say?

Ten days post-op, my nose appears to be the same width as it was before. My surgeon said he shaved the bones down instead of breaking them - is this... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job - What Can I Do?

I got a nose job almost 2 years ago and the results were terrible. The side view is kinda ok, but in the front it looks deformed. The skin in the... READ MORE

I cant understand what's wrong with my face! (photo)

So this is my face, my nose is tilted a little to the right and my lips look disordered because of this. Sometimes my appearance look really bad, so... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a bad taste in my mouth days after a Rhinoplasty?

I think it might be draining into my throat. I have a really really bad taste in my mouth, I'm at the point where I can't eat anything besides mints... READ MORE

How does one go about avoiding bad result on a Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I noticed a lot of the rhinoplasty procedures end up looking very bad (in my opinion) even from some of the doctors on here. I noticed that some have... READ MORE

Bad smell inside nose

I had nose tip reduction (hanging columella) in November. In my left nostril, I've had a tickle and anytime I scratch inside or rub my nose, I smell... READ MORE

What happens if a stitch is left in my nose after rhinoplasty?

I was cleaning my nose and thought it was a price of dried blood because I had just had the cast removed and I tried to pull it but it hurt very bad... READ MORE

Can my nose be fixed? (photos)

I am desperate for rhinoplasty, however after seeing a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty, I have been told that because my bump is on... READ MORE

Bent nose tip after septorhinoplasty. (photos)

Hi. I had a bad deviated septum and my nose was also a bit bent. With this operation the doctor promised I would be able to breath better as well as... READ MORE

How bad is my deviated septum? (photos)

Is my septum's degree of deviation typical of one that is covered by insurance? If I have the surgery, will it straighten the appearance of my nostrils? READ MORE

Is my bridge too low/bad post-op? (photo)

Hi! I had a slight long hump and didn't quite want a curved bridge. I prefer straight bridges. Is this a bad nose? READ MORE

6 weeks after rhinoplasty. Did my doctor do a bad job? (photo)

I had my rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and my mother absolutely detests the appearance because of certain features. Specifically, my doctor used goretex to... READ MORE

I'm 1 month post op and my open rhino scar looks really bad. (photos)

There are indents on the right (scab didn't come off till 18 days later and the place where the last part of the scab fell off is where it is... READ MORE

Why do the majority of Primary Surgeons refuse to take responsibility for giving a patient a bad result?

It seems the majority of doctors who mess up a primary rhinoplasty, will deny a bad result no matter what. Even if the patient has a nose that looks... READ MORE

Can my columella be fixed from a bad lip lift? (photos)

I had a lip lift 5 months ago. My nasal base has been pulled down and my columella sits very low now. READ MORE

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