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Is It Possible to Fix Wide, Pig-like Nose?

Most of the Rhinoplasty before and after photos involve people with a bump on their nose bridge or with noses that are too tall. I'm Asian and my... READ MORE

Will Medpor Nose Implant Hold for a Lifetime?

I am a 30-year-old Asian female. I have consulted with a rhinoplasty doctor about improving my nose. I have never had nose surgery before. He said... READ MORE

Preferred Nose Shape for Asian Men?

I am from Far East Asia, and not surprisingly, my nose-shape is quite flat (the stereotypical shape). My question is two parted, first: are there... READ MORE

Korean Rhinoplasty - Concerning Nose Bridge Augmentation Material

Hello I'm Korean male with bulbous nose tip and low nose bridge and it's wide at the same time. 50% of Korean doctors recommend silicone for... READ MORE

What's the Chance of Infection or Extrusion with Gore-Tex Nasal Implants?

I have just gotten rhinoplasty and since found out my surgeon used gore tex. I am stressed out because I understand that there are complication... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Thinner?

I was wondering if surgery could make my nose thinner. I'm Asian and I have a pretty fine nose, but I wish my nostrils were smaller and closer... READ MORE

Alar Base Procedure for Asian Nose?

I'm fine with my nose, save for it's always been too large at the base, and is especially bad when I smile as it flares out. It's out of proportion... READ MORE

Bulbous nose with thick nose tip...any solution?

What procedure can be done that does not bring a dramatic change to the face but contours the nose tip to look more refined? READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction and Bridge Implants on Asian Nose?

I'd like to have alar base reduction as my nostrils flare too much when I smile and my nose is flat & droops down. Should I have the nose-tip... READ MORE

Flat Nose with Wide Nostrils - Cost to Fix?

I am asian and have a flat nose. There is barely a nasal bone for me. Plus, the tip of my nose is not sharp at all. My profile is like a bent nose.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Asian Male - Specifically on the Nose Bridge.

I love everything about my nose, the only problem I have with it, is my nose bridge. I'm an Asian male, 22, aspiring model. My nose bridge is... READ MORE

Do nose straighteners work? Like Nasofix and the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener...

I'm a 14-year-old female Asian. I have a big, wide, fat nose. I would like for it to be a lot slimmer and smaller because my nose is really unattractive. READ MORE

Better to Have an Asian Surgeon for Asian Rhinoplasty or Blepharoplasty?

Would an Asian plastic surgeon be somehow better suited to perform a blepharoplasty or a rhinoplasty on an Asian patient? READ MORE

Considering Alarplasty for my Nostrils - Would I Be a Good Candidate?

Hi, I have been considering a nostril reduction for a long time. I love the bridge of my nose it is fairly narrow and high/tall for an asian but i... READ MORE

Do I Need Alar Base Reduction Too?

I am not sure if i want to get my nose tip slimmed along with my nostrils narrowed for Rhinoplasty. Would I have a piggy nose if I did have my... READ MORE

Can a rhinoplasty make eyes closer set? (photos)

I am considering plastics surgery but I can't decide between a rhinoplasty, or Blepharoplasty. If I get a rhinoplasty can the nose be refined to make... READ MORE

One Side of Nose It Rising Up, the Skin Looks Thicker on One Side? (photo)

Im 16 yrs old,asian female. My nose wasn't like this when i was a kid. I think it's the acne scarring. So one side of my nostril is higher than the... READ MORE

Can a Nose Job Make Your Face Look Much Worse?

I am asian male and i need to augment the nose and refine tip because i am bothered by it and i think it gets some attention when people look at me. i... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling 6 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had closed rhinoplasty about 6 months ago but the result is still uneven. In 3 times follow up after surgery, I have consulted with the doctor and... READ MORE

I Am Asian and I Have a Flat Nose Plus Bulky Tip

I am really considering rhinoplasty. This drained alot of my confidence. Anyway how do you make the bridge higher and the tip more refined instead of... READ MORE

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