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Is it possible to reduce my Nasolabial angle? (photo)

My dorsal hump aside, is there any method to reduce my nasolabial angle? perhaps trimming the hanging columella or shaving the nasal spine?. I've had... READ MORE

Is it possible to lift the nostrils and change their angle? (Photo)

I have a very upturned nose, I actually hate it. I was wondering if it was possible to lift the nostrils angle so that my nose is closer to being 90... READ MORE

How to Correct a Deep Nasofrontal Angle on a Female? (photo)

When a nasofrontal angle in a female is too deep, and it appears that the glabella area is too projected, what type of procedure would bring about a... READ MORE

Changing angle between nose and lip (Photo)

Hi. I would like rhinoplasty but I am also unhappy with the angle between my lip and nose. In your experience, can it be changed without looking... READ MORE

6 mo post-op Rhinoplasty (& sinus surgery) with crooked nose, still have a bump and major swelling on sides. (photos)

My nose looks pretty swollen still & feels tingly on the bridge most days. How much does swelling go down after 6 mo? Nose looks crooked. Is it uneven... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Reduce the Angle And/or Nostrils of my Nose? (photo)

I have an extremely large pointy nose. I would like to reduce the angle of my nose and if possible reduce the size of my nostrils. Is this possible? READ MORE

Will the Nasolabial angle get more obtuse through time after a Rhinoplasty? My nasolabial angle looks acute after 2 months.

I had my rhinoplasty done about 2 months back, however I feel that my nose looks droopy. The angle between my lip in my nose is about 70 degrees at... READ MORE

What Would You Recommend for my Nose? (photo)

I am unfamiliar with the anatomy of the nose and have no idea what would be best aesthetically speaking if I was to have rhinoplasty surgery. I have... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for wide nose with bulbous tip?

Hello! I'm looking for advice on what's needed to balance out my face. I've posted several (no makeup, eek!) pictures from various angles so you can... READ MORE

Is this change realistic and possible to achieve on my face? Jaw angle and nose (Photo)

Hi i live in Sweden and my plan is to go to US and do some procedure sto my face to get a better look and by that get better self-confidence. I wonder... READ MORE

Changed nose/lip angle after rhinolasty resulting in longer upper lip/less tooth show (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago to reduce hump and length of tip. Apparently my surgeon also changed my nose lip angle. This has resulted in a longer... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix the degree of angle of the entire nose? Not just the tip, but to make the nose more linear with the face

My nose deviates laterally to the left and I believe this make the overall apearrance of my face look misaligned. I know rhinoplasty can be done to... READ MORE

Large nasal spine/caudal septum cartilage? What can be done? (photos)

Okay so my whole life I've deal with my terrible nose... based off what I've read I've concluded that it is due to an overgrown nasal spine/ excess... READ MORE

My profile is worse after rhinoplasty. (photos)

I know it's too soon, there is swelling and healing process, but it's obvious that my profile is worse than before, the angle of my nose is just wrong... READ MORE

Upturned nose after septorhinoplasty. (photo)

Hi, I had an open septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I had deviated septum, hump and large nose tip before surgery. My cast was on for 1 week. Tapes and... READ MORE

Really concerned after rhinoplasty (Photo)

Hi I am one month post op from primary rhinoplasty. I have gone abroad for surgery and now I'm having a few issues with my nose! Although the Surgeon... READ MORE

How difficult is it to lengthen the nose and change the nasolabial angle to make the nostrils less prominent? (photos)

As seen in the pictures, I would like the nostrils to be less prominent. The nose is upturned and the nostrils are very visible from the front. Is... READ MORE

After spreader grafts, my 3/4 angle of one side is different, why please?

I had 2 strips of septal spreader grafts (2mm x 3cm). The deviation was on my right side. Why after, does my right 3/4 angle look bulky, high and... READ MORE

Nasofrontal angle rhinoplasty. Is this a realistic goal? (Photos)

I'd like to undergo a rhinoplasty prodecure but I don't want to reduce my nose's hump. I just want to get a more acute nasofrontal angle like you see... READ MORE

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