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Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty?

Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty? How close can the results be? I don't like my nose I think it's too... READ MORE

Transexual to Get Angelina Jolie Type Nose?

I am a 19 year old transexual. I will be having my forehead recontoured in the fall with a brow lift. I also plan on getting a chemical peel to help... READ MORE

Shorter Nose with Rhinoplasty Like Angelina Jolie?

Is it possible for anyone to get their nose done shorter but straight when they have a little dorsal hump on their nose without making the whole nose... READ MORE

How can my nose tip be made shorter without my nostrils showing? (photos)

I love the nose of Angelina Jolie. She has a rotated tip, but her nostrils aren't prominent. I hate the tip of my nose, it looks too long and... READ MORE

In Photos, my Appears Wide and Bulbous at the Tip. Can I Get a Nose More Similar to Angelina Jolie Via Closed Rhino? (photo)

I have very large features, but I would like my nose to be more petite and feminine. I would prefer to do a closed rhinoplasty, as I tend to scar... READ MORE

Could my round nose tip be made to look something like Angelina Jolie's nose? It flips up and is very big and round

I have a rather slim nose bone, but at the bottom my nose flips up and is very big and kind of round. also because my nose flips up its like my upper... READ MORE

What kind of procedure would I need to achieve smaller, taller nose? (photos)

Hi, I've been insecure about my nose my whole life and I really would like to get a rhinoplasty. My nose is very wide, thick and my bridge is flat. I... READ MORE

How could my nose be improved? Could these results be achievable? (Photos)

First of all, sorry to bother you again. How could my nose be improved through surgery? What would you suggest? Also, could these results be achieved... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get Angelina's nose? (Photos)

Is it possible with rhinoplasty to make my nose look like Angelina's, or is my nose tip too bulbous to achieve that result? READ MORE

What type of rhinoplasty did Angelina Jolie get?

For the past few years, I've been considering the idea of undergoing rhinoplasty. My current nose resembles pre-rhinoplasty Angelina Jolie. I like how... READ MORE

Can I get this results with a revision? (photos)

I asked my surgeon to give me a "square" nose, like Angelina's Jolie (not as thin, but with that same tip shape). Instead I got a very pointed and... READ MORE

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