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Fixing Crooked Nose Without Rhinoplasty

I was punched on the nose causing a deviation to the left. The nasal bone has not moved, the slight twist begins mid nose. My surgeon recommended a... READ MORE

Beauty Lift High Nose: Scam or Really Works?

I ran across an ad for a product called the “Beauty Lift High Nose.” They state that "If you dream of having a more beautiful... READ MORE

Is "Nose Right" a Scam?

I'm constantly seeing a product called "nose right" advertised on the internet, followed by good reviews on seemingly-legitimate sites.... READ MORE

Can I Reduce Nose Bridge Hump Without Rhinoplasty?

I have a big hump on my nose bridge and I think that at least reducing it a bit might help my profile to look better...But there's no way for me... READ MORE

Is There Any Other Way I Can Fix my Crooked Nose Except from Rhinoplasty?

I'm really nervous about my crooked nose, I'm only 15 so I can't have a rhinoplasty now. I've tried a lot with massage but is seems it didn't really... READ MORE

Is There No Any Other Way to Reduce Bulbous Cartilage Other Than a Rhinoplasty?

No one has searched is this senario. that there should be some medicine to dehydrate the cartilage to make it appear thinner.i just have a little... READ MORE

Can I Use Corticosteroid on the Nose for a Small Reduction?

Instead of a doctor peeling back nose skin from the tip to operate on cartilage, can I use corticosteroid on the nose for small reduction? READ MORE

How can I get a straight, firm nose without surgery? (photo)

My nose is big and fat and I want to make it straight and skinny because it looks huge. Is there anyway to get my nose straight and skinny? READ MORE

Nose Job Without the Anesthesia? I'm Allergic.

Hi, I have been wondering if there is any way a person can get a nose job without the anaesthesia? I wanted a nose job, but I am allergic to something... READ MORE

I want to make my nose smaller. Are there any non-surgical alternatives to rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi i have heard of these product that can make your nose smaller without actually doing surgery like nose up do they actually work ? READ MORE

If Rib Cartilage is Used For My Rhinoplasty, How Long Will it Last?

If I choice the rub cartilage to use for my rhinoplasty how many years will it last   READ MORE

Can Spreader Graft or Onlay Camouflage for Small Dent Be Performed Via Closed Rhinoplasty?

If not, what other methods would you recommend? I have read fillers are an alternative but they do not blend in and end up looking like a lump. Please... READ MORE

Skin is Too Thin for Rhinoplasty: Alternatives? (photo)

I was just told my skin was too thin for rhinoplasty. I trust my doctor on this decision, but are there any alternatives? I have lost all the fat in... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Revision Rhinoplasty? What are my Other Options? (photo)

I very stupidly had rhino June 2011 to remove hump. I wanted it straight and now I have this scooped out look. I want my old nose back as much as... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Asymmetrical Nostrils and Jaw Without Operation? (photo)

My ultimate dream is to become a model, but i guess i could not fulfill that dream because i have asymmetrical nostrils and jaw that is very visible... READ MORE

Plaster Substitute For Post-op Nose Taping?

Hi there, I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. My dr said its a good idea to carry on taping at night times. I'm on summer holidays so i dont even mind... READ MORE

Dermis Graft from Coccyx Area for Rhinoplasty?

Dermis graft was one of the methods offered by korean plastic surgeons to increase the height of the nasal bridge. I have never heard of this before... READ MORE

Emend. Is it really a magic pill?

I was told to take Emend, 40 mg and hour before my nose surgery. I have called 5 different pharmacies and the average cost is $130 for one pill. I am... READ MORE

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