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How long After tiplasty & turbinate surgery do smell & taste come back?

I had my surgery in march and I found out after my surgery From my ENT when I came in that I did not need any sort of turbinate surgery., I needed... READ MORE

Zyrtec-D before surgery?

I'm about three weeks away from rhinoplasty, and I am aware that at two weeks I need to stop my multi-vitamin & ibuprofen intake. I know the list of... READ MORE

How long before rhinoplasty surgery do I need to stop taking benadryl?

I am having a rhinoplasty/turbinectomy/septoplasty in about 10 days, on the 25th of this month. I have pretty sever seasonal allergies. I have... READ MORE

Would I be able to rub my nose vigorously after having had rhinoplasty?

I'm interested in having rhinoplasty done on my nose; however, I have severe allergies and at time my nose itches so badly that I rub it vigorously... READ MORE

Can Turbinate Reduction fix my reaction to an allergies?

I am set to have my Septo/Rhino/Turbo in a few weeks. Right now, I am doing a little more research on a turbinate reduction. I read that it can... READ MORE

How long prior to a Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty, do I need to stop taking Allegra D?

I am getting a rhinoplasty/septoplasty/turbinectomy in exactly 4 weeks, on June 25th. I take Allegra D 12 hour every morning to control my horrendous... READ MORE

Allergies and Rhinoplasty

Hi all! Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question. I have seasonal/pet allergies that give me a pretty much constant runny and/or... READ MORE

3 Years Post Rhinoplasty: Now have open roof deformity, pinched tip, dented tip, devolved loud snoring and allergies (Photo)

I want to go for revision rhinoplasty ! how can I explain my doctor what to correct ? I went to see my doctor many times and he offer me revision but... READ MORE

Im getting a rhino/septoplasty. I suffer from dark circles already. Should I worry surgery might make them worse? (photo)

I also get hey fever and allergies quite a bit due to my sinuses, (hence the need for surgery), so I don't know if that may be a factor as to why I... READ MORE

I feel like my nostrils seem larger after rhinoplasty and nose looks wider when I smile. Is there a way to fix this? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty and septiplasty about 6 weeks ago. I loved my nose about 3 weeks after surgery (see below) and now 6 weeks after, it looks like my... READ MORE

Under what circumstances would septorhinoplasty be covered by insurance? (photos)

My deviated septum is caused by a deviation in the structure of my nose. I am prone to sinus infections an and have trouble breathing. I also have... READ MORE

Allergies with New Rhinoplasty?

I'm at 1 month post op tomorrow with a closed rhinoplasty. I have allergies this time of year and have been sneezing with a runny itchy nose. Will... READ MORE

What can be done to this nose? (photos)

I am looking to get rhinoplasty after I get my septum and nasal polyps and enlarged turbinated fixed, all caused from allergies. I have an undefined... READ MORE

Should I mention to my plastic surgeon that I have breathing problems at night due to allergies?

I'm planning on getting a rhinoplasty done very soon. I have already consulted with one doctor but I forgot to mention to him that I have seasonal... READ MORE

How to deal with allergies after Rhinoplasty?

I live in the Central Valley (CA) and am 8.5 weeks post-op. The air here has been giving me horrible allergies which make my nose even more swollen... READ MORE

Post nasal drip 7 weeks after rhinoplasty? Should I be taking different medication?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty abroad 7 week ago. I started coughing a couple days ago and my doctor believes the coughing is due to postnasal dripping from... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty & lefort 1 osteotomy jaw surgery in a month. Worried about sneezing/allergies!

I am having rhinoplasty and lefort 1 osteotomy jaw surgery on December 15th. I have always suffered from allergies and frequent hard and loud... READ MORE

How soon can I use Flonase after open rhinoplasty?

It has been 25 days and my left nasal is awollen shut due to allergies. Can I use flonase? READ MORE

Goretex implant to raise bridge in ethnic skin with Latex Allergy. Confused about Gortex and cartilage because of mixed reviews?

Hi, I am scheduled to have ethnic rhinoplasty in September but I have been going back-and-forth about using the Gore-Tex Implant that my doctor... READ MORE

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