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Will Nasal Allergies Affect Rhinoplasty Surgery or Outcome?

I have nasal rhinitis. Will my allergies affect how my rhinoplasty surgery is performed or the results of my rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Functional Rhinoplasty Procedure to Alleviate Allergies?

My nose never really bothered me until about 2 years ago, when I started getting allergies and lately everytime I get a cold I get migranes and also... READ MORE

Swelling in the Inside of the Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum on April 9th, 2009. I had it done because I was born with cleft palate and my nose was repaired before.... READ MORE

Dry Swollen Nose

I had a rhinoplasty about 7-8 months ago and everything was going well up until my allergies started and my nose started to get dry from the inside.... READ MORE

Nose Job Without the Anesthesia? I'm Allergic.

Hi, I have been wondering if there is any way a person can get a nose job without the anaesthesia? I wanted a nose job, but I am allergic to something... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Fix Enlarged Turbinates and Seasonal Allergies?

If I Have Enlarged Turbinates and Suffer from Seasonal Allergies, Would Rhinoplasty Be a Way to Fix Both of These Problems? READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty, Should I Worry About Hay Fever?

Consider rhinoplasty. Bit worried about sensetive tissue/septum(?); bit wounded & bleeding somethimes. Related 2 hayfever 4 pressure inside &... READ MORE

Post-op Rhinoplasty - My Allergies Are Making my Swelling Worse

I had rhinoplasty 5.5 weeks ago. My seasonal allergies are really bad right now. Could the allergies ruin my nose? The allergies are making my... READ MORE

Allergies from Rhinoplasty?

About a year ago I had a Rhinoplasty. My nose looks fine it's the inside of my nose that's almost always dry and sometimes I can't breathe... READ MORE

Does drinking pineapple juice after rhinoplasty outway the negative if someone has a slight allergy to it?

I've read on many different forums that drinking/eating pineapple drastically helps with swelling after surgery. Unfortunately pineapple irritates my... READ MORE

When Can I Start Using Nasonex Again After Having a Rhinoplasty?

I was using it before my surgery for my allergies and now I am one month post op and am wondering if it is safe to resume using it now? READ MORE

I have a rash which seems to be caused by the surgical tape.

I've taken Benadryl but the dr said to go in right away to take the cast off. What should I do and how should I protect my nose without tape? I'm just... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to get rhinoplasty if you have allergic rhinitis?

I have a really bad case of allergic rhinitis and my nose is so sensitive to the point where sometimes I experience slight pain an discomfort when my... READ MORE

Will an Asian Rhinoplasty Help Reduce Allergies?

If the surgery can't help with hayfever, would it possibly just help with better breathing in general? READ MORE

Will mastisol ruin my skin if I am allergic?

Hi. I had a rhinoplasty 5 days ago and 2 days ago i found out that I am allergic to mastisol (the liquid adhesive put on my face under the most cast... READ MORE

I Have a 6cm Hole in my Septum Due to Surgery to Enlarge Nasal Passages Gone Very Wrong?

I suffer from allergies that make my nose swell to closed. My surgeon has told me repair is not going to work. Only reconstruction to improve look... READ MORE

Any opinions on what is going on with my nose? (Photo)

I had a rhino 4 days ago.I've had my splint removed 2day due to allergic reaction.It needed to breathe.I have bumps on my nose n skin is peeling off... READ MORE

Day 6 post op Rhino noticed some sort of growth at the side of my nose. Any suggestion? (photo)

Not sure if it is a sign of infection or allergic reaction I noticed it last night. I am scheduled to see my Dr. tomorrow morning to take off the cast... READ MORE

I have a case of allergic rhinitis. Is it advisable to get Immunotherapy before/ after my Rhinoplasty?

I will be getting rhinoplasty next month and I have a case of allergic rhinitis (allergy to dust and this nasal congestion). My question is- is it... READ MORE

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