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The Healing Process is Very Slow After Alarplasty? (photo)

I have undergone for alarplasty 1 month ago last july 21 2012 and after 9 days i applied make-up but b4 applying make-up i used dermatix ultra anti... READ MORE

Will Alarplasty Help Fix my High, Flared, Uneven Nostrils? What is Likely Causing This Asymmetry? (photo)

I am interested in getting surgery to fix my nostrils, which are noticeably uneven. The left side is fine, but the right side nostril is bigger and... READ MORE

Will I grow into my nose or would I be a good candidate for alarplasty? (photo)

I have disliked my nose since the sixth grade and now being 17 I continue to dislike it. My question is as a 17 year old female do you think my nose... READ MORE

What Do I Do if the Surgeon Accidentally Left Sutures in my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had alarplasty 3 month ago. Today while looking in the mirror I discovered that the nurse had left 2 sutures on the sides of my nose. I'm really... READ MORE

Alarplasty Scars After 3 Months After Surgery (Rhinoplasty Date: July 20, 2013)? (photo)

During my rhinoplasty, i had a full incision outside my nostrils. stitches where removed on the 3rd day, then some holes opened, it almost took a... READ MORE

Should I Get Alarplasty Along with Rhinoplasty? What Type of Result Should I Expect? (photo)

Hello doctors, I am certain about getting rhinoplasty because I have always had a rather bulbuous tip and wide nose (extended alars). I have a bump... READ MORE

Alarplasty and Tip Plasty? (photo)

I'm considering rhinoplasty, as my nose has a bulbous tip and is very wide (wider than the space between my eyes and even wider when I'm smiling). I... READ MORE

Am I A Good Candidate For Alarplasty? I'd Like A Natural Look. (photo)

Hi, im thinking about getting alarplasty. Can you look at my picture and tell me if this procedure will improve the look of my nose. I want the new... READ MORE


I have just had an alarplasty procedure done yesterday, in Thailand and the results so far look ok, but the the surgeon used soluble sutures. I have... READ MORE

Alarplasty 5mm Removed? (photo)

Hello!! i had alar sill excision two weeks ago. The doctor said he removed 5mm from each side but when i look at my nose now i really don't notice... READ MORE

1 Week Post-Op and I'm Not Satisfied with the Result of my Alarplasty, Too Early to Decide?

I had alarplasty on march 16, 2012. is it too early to decide? but my nose is not swelling anymore. it's not red at all. READ MORE

I Want to Have Alar Plasty but I Dont Know if Alar Plasty Alone Will Make my Nose Look Smaller (photos)

My nose looks big in front view i want to make it small.. i just want my nose to look smaller but i dont know if alar plasty alone will make my nose... READ MORE

Can an Alarplasty Be Done Under Local Anasthesia?

Im curious as to whether alarplasty can be done under local anasthesia? Can any rhinoplasty be done this way? READ MORE

I Want to Get my Tip & Nostrils Reduced, but Both As a Closed Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I feel insecure about my nose I have no issues with my bone structure from the nose. however the tip area to the nostril area i dont like. i want a... READ MORE

Will Results Be Significantly Different After Alarplasty Swelling Subsides?

I just had an alarplasty done a few days ago and while the nostrils do look a little narrower, it is not quite what I was expecting.(after 2 days it... READ MORE

Almost 5 Weeks After Alarplasty and I'm Worried About the Results?

I had the tip of my nose done & alarplasty. after almost 5 weeks, ive noticed a difference in my tip. i feel as if the nostril area is more... READ MORE

Alar Base Cinch Suture?

Is it possible to remove the alar base cinch suture? When I smile, the sutures are preventing my nose from widening. It looks unnatural. I had an open... READ MORE

I Want to Do a Alarplasty Alone. Im Going to Post a Picture. But I Never Did Any Surgery or Anything (photo)

I went to 3 or 4 doctors already but im really afraid of going wrong. Im man so i REALLY didnt want something that everybody would notice. Im from... READ MORE

Alarplasty or Tip Plasty? (photo)

Good day! Hi Doctors, I am thinking to have rhinoplasty but im not quite sure about the best procedure. I feel ok on my nose bridge. My concern is... READ MORE

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