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What Is Typical Alar Base Reduction Healing Time?

I'm about to get an alar base reduction and I was wondering what the average healing time is? I'm concerned because I have about 8 days after... READ MORE

Alar Width Reduction or a Weir Excision for Wide, Bulbous Nose?

Along with the width of my nose, I really don't like the tip as well it is quite bulbous, the problem is that from side pictures it is very... READ MORE

Can the Sides and Base of my Nose Be Made Narrower And/or Thinner?

I had a primary rhinoplasty (three weeks ago) &although I know it is still swollen, I am pretty unhappy with the parts that were left alone. In my... READ MORE

Why The Alar Base Reduction & Tip Plasty Still Looked Wide And Big After The Surgery? (photo)

I had my surgery rhinoplasty performed several 4 days ago in South Korea. It was Alar Base Reduction, Tip Plasty (Ear Cartilage Harvest) and Columella... READ MORE

Will my Nostrils (In Time) Look More Circular Instead of the 'Pinched' Look?

I had my nose bridge narrowed and alar base reduction. Its been 14 days since my surgery and I wanted to know if its extreme swelling where the arrows... READ MORE

My New Nose Looks Horrible Its my 21st Day, I Got an Alar Trim and Tip Plasty? (photo)

I was so sad and depressed when i see the result all i wanted is just enhancement but i think my alar trim was too different from my old nose... Can i... READ MORE

What Kind of Treatment Do You Suggest for my Alar Base Scars? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty with alar base reduction in Feb 2012. Didn't like the nose job from the start. I dont have a hump anymore but my nose still looks... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Alar Base Reduction, Nose Tip Lift and Nose Bump Removal in One Session?

I'm overall a pretty confident person. There is just one thing that truly bothers me. MY NOSE! I think it's too big for my face. I know that I... READ MORE

Visible Incision Scar from Rhinoplasty / Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

I had Rhinopl with alar base reduction 1.5 years ago. Right before surgery my surgeon asked me if I wanted smaller nostrils, and said there hardly... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction with Local Anesthesia After Actual Revision Rhinoplasty

Are there any risks involved with this procedure? My breathing is not perfect. Is there a risk that my breathing be impaired? Are the stitches usually... READ MORE

Will Alar Base Reduction Make Bulbous Tip Worse?

I have an oily, thick nose with what I consider a wide nostril base. I was considering having an alar base reduction but i've heard the swelling from... READ MORE

Expectations For Alar Base Reduction Scarring Vs Rhinoplasty Alone? (photo)

Am considering alar base reduction in addition to rhinoplastery. Is the risk of scarring worth it? Could bridge and tip reduction alone provide... READ MORE

Doctor Refused to Give Me Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me that my nose is nice and he outright refused me told me to go get someone else.I don't like my nose... READ MORE

What Will Make my Nose Look Better?

My Nose is Awful, Big & Bulbous, Crooked, Hanging Columella, Retracted Ala, over Projected & Not Rotated! Please Guide Me!  I DESPISE... READ MORE

Which Alar Base Reduction Methods Maintains Most Natural Nostril Curve?

Hello, what method of alar base reduction maintains the most natural nostril curve with the lowest risk of retraction or a notched look? Thanks! READ MORE

I Feel Like I Have a Pug Nose After Alar Reduction, Will It Improve in Time? (photo)

I had alar base reduction performed 5 days ago ( i know it' still early), and I'm still swollen. But I'm very concerned with the fact my... READ MORE

Can I Achieve These Results with Alar Base Reduction Alone? (photo)

I think my nostrils are too wide and too round for my face. I'm ok with the rest of my nose but I would like for my nostrils to be taken in a bit.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Narrow a Wide Nose Bridge and Define the Tip Without Grafting?

I have a wide nose bridge with a square base that widens when I smile. I'd like to narrow my nose bridge and tip and reduce the alar. My nose looks... READ MORE

What Techniques Were Used In This Patrick Dempsy Rhinoplasty? (photo)

It may not be good to ask about a celebrity, but Patrick Dempsy had a wide nose before rhinoplasty... You may be able to see by doing a Google search.... READ MORE

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