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Cost of Simple Alar Base Reduction?

How much does alar base reduction surgery cost, especially if it's minor and uncomplicated? Also can it being done without being put under general... READ MORE

Alarplasty Recovery

How long does it take for the skin to recovery after alarplasty? How long does it take for the redness to fade away? How big will the scar be? How... READ MORE

Alar Width Reduction or a Weir Excision for Wide, Bulbous Nose?

Along with the width of my nose, I really don't like the tip as well it is quite bulbous, the problem is that from side pictures it is very... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction and Weir Technique Difference?

What is the difference between an alar base reduction and the Weir technique? I was under the impression that both reduce the size of the nostrils. READ MORE

Alar Rim Graft to Reshape Nostrils and Columella?

I had 3 Rhinoplasties before since I had a very big nose. Dorsum has a silicone implant. Presently, I'm not happy with Alar/nostril thickess, shape (v... READ MORE

Narrowing a Thick-Skinned Nose?

My surgeon said my skin is thick and proposed an alar base reduction so that it would fit within the width of both eyes, but the wide tip would become... READ MORE

How to Treat Alar Retraction?

I've always been very self concious of my retracted nostrils. I hate the columella show- especially from the right side! Also, I hate how large/flared... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Vs Rhinoplasty: Which Has the Fastest Healing Time?

Is it faster to recover than other types of rhinoplasty? final result? READ MORE

Alar Base Procedure for Asian Nose?

I'm fine with my nose, save for it's always been too large at the base, and is especially bad when I smile as it flares out. It's out of proportion... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction or Tip-plasty...or Both?

I have been advised that an alar base reduction may need to be performed in order to reduce the width of my nose, however is it possible to avoid... READ MORE

How Bad Are the Scars from Alar Narrowing?

I need to narrow my nostrils. I worry about the scars being noticeable like there are "buggers" coming out of both nostrils. Am I being too... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction and Bridge Implants on Asian Nose?

I'd like to have alar base reduction as my nostrils flare too much when I smile and my nose is flat & droops down. Should I have the nose-tip... READ MORE

What's the difference of alar trimming to Rhinoplasty?

Im just confused, if alar trimming can do but not to put silicone, i mean..which one is better ? To heal? And which one is most look natural and can... READ MORE

Alar Base Scars After Rhinoplasty. What Are Some Treatment Options? (photo)

Hello, Two years ago I had a closed rhinoplasty with alar base surgery.The right side alar base did not attach completely and there was scarring.After... READ MORE

Considering Alarplasty for my Nostrils - Would I Be a Good Candidate?

Hi, I have been considering a nostril reduction for a long time. I love the bridge of my nose it is fairly narrow and high/tall for an asian but i... READ MORE

Do I Need Alar Base Reduction Too?

I am not sure if i want to get my nose tip slimmed along with my nostrils narrowed for Rhinoplasty. Would I have a piggy nose if I did have my... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Have Alar Reduction?

 Because it was too upturned, and the bridge was narrowed. I'm only 2 weeks post-op. It doesn't look narrower yet but I know there is still... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Alar Base Reduction Scar?

I have this alar base reduction scar and some surgeons here mentioned that I need to do "scar revision" and things like dermabrasion... READ MORE

Alar Base Trimming or Nose Lift

I've gone to a plastic surgeon 2 years ago regarding my nose which I have been wanting to be fixed since I was in high school. My nose is just small,... READ MORE

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