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My Nose Has Been Growing More and More Crooked over Time. Why is It Doing This ?

I am 15 and when I was a child it wasn't even a problem but as time went one of my eyes was getting higher then the other and it was noticable in... READ MORE

Does your nose get thinner as you age?

My nose is a bit wide,but when I smile it gets very wide! I am 16,Caucasian,and I'm considering to do a nose job in future to slim my nose. But I'd... READ MORE

Excessive Facial Aging After Rhinoplasty?

I just turned 26 who had Rhinoplasty a year and a half ago at 24. I have noticed what I believe to be extreme and embarassing aging in that time,... READ MORE

Does your nose get taller as you get older? If you have a high nose bridge but a low nose tip what will happen?

I'm at a pretty young age and still haven't fully developed yet. I have flat low nose but a tall bridge. I'm asian. READ MORE

Preventing Further Aging Nose

Unfortunately I have a drooping nose and a wider tip due to a aging nose. I've read that the cause of a aging nose is due to a lack of support of... READ MORE

Younger Looking Nose from Rhinoplasty?

My nose looks a lot different now than it did when I was younger. I now seem to have a bothersome hump that wasn't there before. Would rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Does plastic surgery affect people as they age?

Does plastic surgery affect people negatively as they grow old or do they remain the same? Esp those who have had nose jobs or facials in general? READ MORE

My nose seems to be getting more bulbous as I age, more noticeable in the last year, can surgery reduce this? (photos)

My nose is becoming more bulbous with age, why is this? I am 36 Yeats old. My nose is also long, could rhino surgery reduce the length and width... READ MORE

Why Have my Eyes Aged Years After Rhinoplasty?

Did something get altered that is now restricting blood flow? I have deep hallows that were not there before. People keep asking me if I'm working too... READ MORE

At What Age Does Drooping/lengthening/"growth" Actually Become Apparent on a Person's Nose

Does it happen gradually over ten years, or quickly, over three years or less? This is not including any injuries or trauma to the nose. If I liked my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and aging?

I read comments of other people in this website that when the cast was removed they loved their nose, but after years went by some things on their... READ MORE

Is my nose too long for my face? (Photos)

I have been very concerned with my nose lately being too long. I feel like as I get older, my nose is starting to look more prominent than other... READ MORE

I feel that as I age I am losing my feminine look. What can I do to achieve a more feminine look?

I feel my face has hallowed, my nose has changed (it used to be perky and it seems to my the tip has a lowered appearance now). My hairline has... READ MORE

What nose shape ages the best? Are there any aesthetic characteristics that will make a nose age particularly well?

I understand what makes a nose beautiful in general but are there any aesthetic characteristics that will make a nose AGE particularly well? I'm... READ MORE

Can a nose get thinner and pointier with age? (Photo)

If you look at her photos from when she was young, her nose was a lot rounder and more bulbous. Now, it is extremely pointy and thin and looks a bit... READ MORE

Serious (not a joke) question: do noses grow bigger with age ?

I have the same nose as my mother. She passed at 91. Her nose was huge and I'm observing older people (seniors) and wondering if this is an issue ? READ MORE

I feel like my depressor septi muscle caused permanent damage to my nose causing it to look like an aged. Is this possible?

The depressor septi muscle is only responsible for the animation of the nose while smiling. However, having a very strong depressor septi muscle can... READ MORE

Do I need a nose job (alar base procedure/wier excision) or cheek fillers?

All of sudden my nose spreads at least 2 inches when I smile. Im 36 years old and this started two years ago. How do I fix it since it was never an... READ MORE

Badly aged face since rhinoplasty surgery - is this facial lipoatrophy? (Photo)

I look sickly & severely aged since a chin implant and rhinoplasty on 12/16/14. I'm 25!The bruised areas post op under my eyes hollowed out, and my... READ MORE

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