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How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent?

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent? READ MORE

Cartilage or Implants for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am thinking about getting rhinoplasty. Can you tell me more about cartilage & silicone implants? Is one more expensive than the other? I... READ MORE

When is the Appropiate AGE for a Male to Have Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty?

I heard that in males, the chin (including the jawline) doesn't stop growing (or getting more defined) till the age of 21 or around this particular... READ MORE

I Really Hate My Chin/nose, What's The Age Requirement To Get This Fixed?

I'm currently 15 years old, and I really hate my chin and nose. I feel as if they're both too big, and not at all flattering. How old would I need to... READ MORE

I Broke my Nose when I Was Four, Now I'm Fifteen. How Old Do I Have to Be for Surgery? (photo)

I'm a girl and as you can imagine, it's completely destroyed my self esteem. Friends say it's 7/10 prominent and I seriously can't take it anymore.... READ MORE

Is 17 years old too young for a nose job? (photos)

I have pretty wide nose and it's really affecting my everyday life. I avoid going out and socializing because of this monstrosity. people have told me... READ MORE

How Can my Grossly Asymmetrical Nostrils Be Corrected? (photo)

Does this procedure need a specialized rhinoplasty surgeon and about how much would it cost? What's an ideal age for this procedure? READ MORE

What is the best age for Rhinoplasty?

I got my nose done at the age of 17. it has become a little bit crooked now. was I too young? could it be the reason ? READ MORE

What Could I Do About my Crooked Nose? (photo)

I think my nose goes a bit to the side and i would like to fix old do i have to be ? could my nose be straightened with out altering its... READ MORE

Can I straighten my crooked nose? How old would I have to be to get it straightened?

In 14 and my nose is very crooked, I can't really breathe as good out of my right nostril as good as my left. How old would I have to be to get it... READ MORE

How old do I have to be to get a nose job?

Is there an age requirement? I've heard that you have to be 21 or older. Is this true or can I get it at any age I want? What will happen if I do... READ MORE

Are These Results For My Nose Realistic? (photo)

I Really Dislike My Current Nose, I have photo shopped my Ideal nose on the image on the right. Are My Results too Drastic? Or are they Attainable?... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know if a 15 Year Old Girl Should Get a Nose Job or Wait Till 18 Years of Age to Get One? Thank You!

Greetings, I would like to know if a 15 year old girl should get a nose job or wait to get it when 18can change years old? I have heard that since... READ MORE

How young is too young to get a nose job for a child? (photo)

How young is too young to get a nose job for a child? My daughter is 9 and has a nose without a defined bridge or tip, and wide nostrils my... READ MORE

Can I do nose surgery at age 16?

My nose is very big for my face i want to make it smaller iam 16 years can i do a surgery at that age ? READ MORE

When can I get nose job done?

Hi! I am a 15 year old girl, and would like to get a nose job. I want to know what age is the best for me to do it in? What age does does my facial... READ MORE

I Need Help with my Nose?

I am a 16 year old girl and I always hated my nose. I've always dreamed of a cute perky nose but I think my nose is manly and it brings my self-esteem... READ MORE

Bump on my Nose - Too Young for a Nose Job?

Hi, I'm almost 15 years old, I have a moderate bump on my nose. It has developed over the past four years and it greatly affecting my self confidence.... READ MORE

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