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What Foods Should One Eat After Rhinoplasty?

Whatfoods should be eaten after Rhinoplasty, and for how long in terms of weeks before returning to a normal diet? Would weight gain shakes be... READ MORE

Sleeping Position After Rhinoplasty?

Following Rhinoplasty, what position should you sleep in? Also, if you wind up on your back or side during the night, will that affect the development... READ MORE

Recommended Vitamins and Supplements to Be Taken Prior and Post Surgery?

Hi, so there is a lot of information regarding vitamins and sups that are not recommended to be taken prior surgery such as,Vitamin E. Just wondering... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee and Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

Is it ok to drink coffee 4 days post op of rhinoplasty surgery? Can i have a glass of wine? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Nasal Rinse After a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I had rhinoplasty done almost 3 months ago (in december 08). Everything is fine, just that my doctor tells me I should still be careful with blowing... READ MORE

Exercise After Rhinoplasty...When is it Okay To Do Intensive Cardio Workouts?

I am a 24 year old female and am having a little work done on my tip and the "scrapping" off some nasal cartilage. I normally do weights 3X... READ MORE

How Long After a Rhinoplasty Before I Can Resume Activity?

I am interested in rhinoplasty but I am an avid diver. How long before I can go diving again? READ MORE

Smoking/drinking Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I'm having a closed rhinoplasty next Thursday. I gave up smoking this week as recommended by my surgeon. However, as a 18 year old male I like... READ MORE

Using Qtip to Clean Nose Ok?

Hello i'm 14 weeks post op rhino and was wondering if it is okay to use a qtip to clean your nose? and also is there any way that cleaning the inside... READ MORE

What Care Should Be Taken After Rhinoplasty?

I wanted to ask is, what all precautions to be taken after rhinoplasty, like at the time of washing our face we put a lot of pressure on our face as a... READ MORE

How Many Follow Up Appointments Are There After Rhinoplasty?

How many follow up appointments are there after rhinoplasty and after how long is each appointment? READ MORE

Can I Use a Cleansing Pore Strip on my Nose After One Week of my Rhinoplasty?

I just got my nose done a week ago and I really want to use a pore strip on it. Would it be okay to do it this early on? READ MORE

Silver Nitrate Used for Granulated Tissue After Rhinoplasty Burned my Nostril and Turned It Black, Will This Go Away??

Doctor said I had granulated tissue after rhinoplasty so he gave me silver nitrate sticks. I think I put it to my skin too long because its black and... READ MORE

When Will the Mucuous Crust Attached to Internal Sutures Come off After Septorhinoplasty?

I have undergone my septo rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago.Internal sutures are dissolved or fallen off on their own. I still have lot of mucuous crust... READ MORE

Do Epsom Salts Help Bring Down Swelling

I had rhinoplasty 4 months ago. My nose was very wide in the middle. At the 2.5 months my doctor gave me a kenalog injection which helped with... READ MORE

When Can I Sleep Lying Down Again After Rhinoplasty?

2 questions. When can i sleep lying down or on my side again im 10 weeks PO. Also I know this sounds silly but is it ok to yawn or chew anything hard... READ MORE

Are there people you can hire to stay with you after surgery?

Like a nurse that charges a daily rate or something? I really want to have a rhinoplasty, but have absolutely no one to care for me afterwards. My... READ MORE

3 Months After Rhinoplasty, Had Mucous and Blood Come out of Nose, What Precautions Should I be Taking?

I got surgery 3months ago for septum deviation and excess skin but still feeling stuf nose and mucous draining into throat and today morning i am... READ MORE

How Many Days Should I Have Someone Care for Me After Rhinoplasty?

I am planning to take 10 days off from work for rhinoplasty. I would like to know how long should I have my spouse be available to care for me. Is it... READ MORE

Why are Surgeons Against Topical Steroids After Rhinoplasty?

Why usually the experts say that nothing will thin the skin in rhinoplasty, when i can see by myself that steroids do thin the skin? Why most of them... READ MORE

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