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European Rhinoplasty for African-Cuban Nose

I had rhinoplasty to narrow my nostrils and to refine the tip 10 months ago. As soon as the plaster came off I knew that it hadn't gone right but I... READ MORE

Can I get a nose like rihanna? (Photo)

I want a nose job BUT I don't want my nose that far from how it looks now. I still want a ethnic nose. I am so scared bc from what I've seen when... READ MORE

How to Make Nose Look More Feminine?

I would like to look more feminine. I think my nose is too broad and from my eyes to my cheek bones my features are very blunt. Can a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Recommendation for Rhinoplasty

Is there a plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas area that comes highly recommend. I'm an african-american female who's interested in rhinoplasty . READ MORE

Nose Surgery to Fix Thick and Round African American Nose?

I have a somewhat average nose for an African American. However, it is very round at the tip. I really don't like it cause makes my nose look... READ MORE

Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Doctor for African American in San Diego?

If you can give names and any other contact infromation that would be great READ MORE

My nose is wide and flat, and I want it to look more European. What changes are necessary for a nose that suits me? (Photo)

Hi there! First I'd like to thank this website and the contributing doctors for helping people improve their self-satisfaction :D you all are changing... READ MORE

Ethnic rhinoplasty to get Small, Cute, Simple Nose

I have a big,wide nose & big nostrils i want it to be smaller,less wide,sharper tipd(not so cocasion looking)just small,cute & simple. the... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Philadelphia

So I have finaly came to the conclusion that I need and want to have a Rhinoplasty done to make my face more feminine since I have such a masculine... READ MORE

Postable for a Ethnic Girl(African America) To Get A Megan Fox Nose?

Hi I am 18 and I plan On getting this done During the summer before I start college, I hear that alot of times its the facial structure is this true? READ MORE

Skin Reaction After Rhinoplasty

Skin Damaged After Rhinoplasty (possibly due to Anesthesia)? I had Rhinoplasty in March. 1 week later I broke out with a itchy rash on my arms only.... READ MORE

Can the very upper nasal bones of the nose between the eyes be altered by Rhinoplasty to be made more African American?

Can the Area of the Nose Between the Eyes Be Altered by Rhinoplasty To Be Made More African American? In reference to the very upper nasal bones,... READ MORE

Can nostril reduction wedge\weir and sill incisions be the only thing done to my nose to make it appear smaller? (Photo)

I know I have thick tip and nostril skin, and want to know if reducing and reshaping nostrils would make my tip appear longer and overall nose appear... READ MORE

I'm an African American woman. Did pregnancy make my nose bigger after rhinoplasty or is it swelling?

I'm an african american women. I had surgery last year oct 17. i got pregnant in jan and my nose got big again will it go down?...... is this from my... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty surgery last year and I'm not happy. My nose, esp. the tip is still very large.

My surgery was 10 months ago. I'm African American and I do have thicker skin. I've read that it can take a couple of years before I see good results.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Mixed People?

If you are mixed how would you know what type of Rhinoplasty to get/surgeon to go to? I am black mixed with asian and I am unsure of who to go to for... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Removal Safe for African American with Lupus?

I have a small dorsal hump that I want removed. I happen to be african american and also have lupus. I want to know if the surgery safe, will I have... READ MORE

Where Can I Find More Info on African American Rhinoplasty?

I have the classic west African nose (wide and flat). I am interested in reducing the width of my nose. It currently dominates my other features. It... READ MORE

How would rhinoplasty look on a black male?

I know that a lot of AA noses tend to have a sort of swooped bridge with a wide tip. But my nose has a very romanesque, humped prominent bridge with a... READ MORE

Would a plastic surgeon be able to make my nasal bone smaller and still look somewhat natural - and not cause problems? (Photo)

I hate how fat my nose is at the top. Bulbous bottom part doesn't bother me. I'm black; it comes with the territory! It's just too big for my face,... READ MORE

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