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How Long After Your Primary Rhinoplasty Will Cartilage Reabsorb?

For my primary rhinoplasty, my PS made an incision in my hair and took cartilage from the layer underneath my hair and he also used ear cartilage. How... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Rib Cartilage Absorption

Hello, I recently had an augmentation rhinoplasty with my own rib cartilage and the surgeon purposely over-augmented the graft to compensate for... READ MORE

Rib Graft Concerns?

There's a chance I'll need rib grafting (my own) for revision & I keep reading conflicting information. I'm wondering the general opinions of... READ MORE

Is That a Conservative Way to Help Spitting Suture Reabsorption? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 20 yrs ago,only to the nasal base.Since last year,pimple like on the inside of my nose,quite visible.Last week sore and it bled... READ MORE

Is ear cartilage graft resorption possible after primary Rhinoplasty?

I had primary rhinoplasty two weeks ago. I had ear cartilage used to augment the nasal bridge. I'm concerned that the cartilage will resorb. My course... READ MORE

About the sutures used in bulbous nasal tip reduction. What happens after the sutures have been absorbed?

I asked a question about those before and most answers said you could use dissolvable sutures to shape the cartilage. What happens after the sutures... READ MORE

Will the cartilage spreader graft used during Rhinoplasty will absorb in time or will be stable?

11 months ago I had a septoplasty to correct my deviated septum; during the surgery, performed by an ENT/ plastic surgeon doctor, the doctor placed a... READ MORE

Is it possible that ear cartilage will be absorb completely ?

I want to have autologous rhinoplasty but I am so worry about the absorptivity of ear cartilage on nose bridge and tip of the nose . Is it possible... READ MORE

Dome suturing question. Any suggestions?

I understand many surgeons use absorbable sutures for the domes. however, my surgeon used nylon sutures for the domes. Does this mean my good shape of... READ MORE

Cartilage grafts and infections?

I was once told that cartilage grafts can potentially reabsorb if there is an infection. Now, I am concerned because I have developed a mild tooth... READ MORE

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