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Narrowing Wide Nose, Where Nasal Bones Don't Connect over Bridge & Nose is Mostly Cartilage

I consulted a Surgeon who told me that my nose is abnormal in that it is made up mostly of cartilage and the nasal bones connected to my cheeks do not... READ MORE

My nose tip is slanted and leaning towards the right? Is this abnormal? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 15 days ago. I know I should be patient when it comes to my results, but this has got me very worried. A few days ago I noticed... READ MORE

Are these abnormalities normal on the upper sides of my nose? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty this year on April 3. I had a hump removed, nose tip reduction and sides were shaved a bit. It is now 4months after my surgery and... READ MORE

Is my nose bridge abnormal? (Photo)

Does it look straight or does it deviate off to the right? READ MORE

Why does the partition of my nose (nasal septum) seem rather large and a little abnormal after Rhinoplasty?

Hi. I got a rhinoplasty in August last year. I was told I have rather thick skin so my healing will be slow and definitely take a full year to heal if... READ MORE

What is the Reason for This Abnormality on my Nose Bridge?

What is the Reason for This Abnormality on my Nose Bridge? is That Because of Skin Problem or Bone or Cartilage Problem? READ MORE

Can a cosmetic surgeon tell the difference between an abnormality that has been present or has been acquired by injury?

I got hit in the nose with the side of a phone. It didn't hurt much, no bleeding, but it made a loud sound and seconds later the area was red with a... READ MORE

Abnormal nose: I would love to have a nose job to correct this and improve breathing. (Photos)

Guys help, i don't know what to do with my nose anymore. Everyday i feel depressed thinking about the possibilities i'm losing while having this nose.... READ MORE

What can I do about my abnormal nose? (Photo)

It looks so far back from it's natural position. I find this tough to explain so I drew the lines in the pic. The green line is where most noses I see... READ MORE

There is a dent on my left nostril - I had nose surgery for sinus 10 years ago. (photos)

Feel my nose has become dented on left in the past 10 year gradually. I also had a nose-ring on the left side/ dented part of my nose for 4 years and... READ MORE

How can I fix the abnormally large bump on my nose? (Photos)

Have a bump on my nose , from front view it looks alright but from side on I hate it , one nostril longer than the other and I'm not sure about what... READ MORE

Is this swell abnormal for 13 days post septorhinoplasty? (Photos)

I feel like I have significant swelling, more than I have ever seen in other people's photos. It has decreased since I got my cast off on Wednesday... READ MORE

Had open rhinoplasty/septoplasty, turbinate reduction and cartilage graft. Have redness 10 days post op. Is this normal? (photo)

The inside of my right nostril (on the septum side) is all red..almost looks like it's waiting on new skin to form or something. Is that normal? I've... READ MORE

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