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Is The Nose Weaker Post Rhinoplasty? I've Been Boxing.

Hi I broke my nose several times playing rugby in my younger days. I had a rhinoplasty to correct the problem after stopping playing. The procedure... READ MORE

7 Years Post Jaw Surgery, Long Philtrum and Long Nose. Should I Get a Nose Job, Lip Lift, Both? (photo)

I had both upper and lower orthognathic surgery 7 years ago and both my nose and philitrum have lengthened since 1. Would a tip rhinoplasty my long... READ MORE

Lump in the Tip of my Nose 7 Years Post Rhino?

I have a lump on the tip of my nose at the side when I flare my nostrils it almost looks like it glows it goes white! I had rhinoplasty around 7 years... READ MORE

Will my L- Shaped Silicone Nose Implant Move Downwards if I Get Botox in the Forehead?

I've had an L- shaped silicone nose implant put in nearly 7 years ago. Just recently I've decided to try botox on the forehead. For the past... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling 7 Years After Rhinoplasty?

When my nose is not swollen, it looks perfect. I can barely touch my nose though. If I touch it to much or if I am to active it will swell up. I have... READ MORE

Asymmetry & hanging columella. Interests: Tim Woolford, Julian De Silva, Julian Rowe Jones, Lucian Ion (Photo)

I am 7 yrs post primary rhinoplasty. I was looking for my slight bump amd bulbous tip to be addressed. Immediately after my cast was removed 1 wk... READ MORE

If my Skin is Thick Could I Have Surgery Again Without Making It Look Unnatural?

I got 7 years ago a rhinoplasty, got a great improvement since my nose was too wide. but the problem is that it is not as thin as I wanted, the doctor... READ MORE

Do I Need a Tip Plasty? (photo)

Hi there, I had open rhinoplasty 7 years ago and have never been truly happy with my tip. It still feels very swollen (if I pinch it, it's like... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Just Removed the Infected Nasal Implant and Clean the Area & Leave the Fibrous Tissue?

I had rhino almost 7 yrs ago, got pregnant and during my 6 months of pregnancy, my nose started to swell then after few weeks, a pimple like thing... READ MORE

Anxiety episodes 7 years after rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty about 7 years ago. Post op i had a severe panic attack abt not being able to breathe through my nose. Since then whenever i can't... READ MORE

Can I have the goretex implant removed and have my old bridge back with a little bit tip refinement?

I had rhinoplasty using goretex implant on bridge. (Nothing else done to bone/structure of nose just placement of goretex on brigde and slight alar... READ MORE

I had a previous rhinoplasty about 7 years ago and it is crocked. Can it be straightened? (photo)

Just wanted to know if with a second surgery could my nose be straightened? I like the general shape. If anything had to be done to straighten it I... READ MORE

Nose tip has become pointy and large and beak-like since rhinoplasty 7 years ago

Hi There. I had rhinoplasty to remove a hump on the bridge of my nose and to reduce the size of the tip. This was 7 years ago. Now my nose looks... READ MORE

Can anyone help me to describe technically the issues with my nose after primary rhinoplasty 7 years ago? (photos)

I had primary rhinoplasy to remove my dorsal hump as I wanted to achieve a smaller nose. I am unhappy with my result, I feel I ended up with an... READ MORE

Can a broken nose be fixed after a while? (photo)

I broke my nose about 7 years ago, I had sugary after it happened but it failed. I would like to know if it can be fixed and if yes is it covered... READ MORE

Is my L shaped implant extruding? If so, how soon do I need to get a revision? What is the downside of using rib grafts? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done about 7 years ago and my surgeon used an L shaped silicone implant. Should I be concerned with this bump? It the implant extruding? READ MORE

7 years post op Rhinoplasty, I noticed that the nose tip is thin. Is there anything that can be done to correct this? (photos)

Hi i had a rhinoplasty 7 years ago which has left me with some notching of the nostrils. I've noticed that the tip is shinier due to the thin skin and... READ MORE

Can my rhinoplasty implant be removed?

I had done rhinoplasty about 7 years ago in Asia. I recently noticed that left side tip of the nose is a little red but there's no bump or anything. I... READ MORE

Am I able to reduce the size of the tip of my nose? Can someone help me find a doctor in CA? Can a nose job cause a runny nose?

I had rhinoplasty in Dec. 2008 when I was 15 ½ years old to fix my broken nose but also my doctor was suppose to shorten my nose because it looked ... READ MORE

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