Worse + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Possible to Remove Excessive Nasal Grafts and Restore Original Shape?

I had revision rhinoplasty done to correct problems to my breathing and nostrils from a small accident. During the surgery large amounts of ear... READ MORE

Dent in my Nose Got Worse After Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a dent in my nose after my primary rhinoplasty and it also came out way to wide (doctor said it was because of scar tissue), so my doctor gave... READ MORE

Can anything be done to help me? Either another revision or filler? (photos)

After having tertiary revision rhinoplasty my surgeon tried to touch up his own work but made my nose look worse and my breathing non existent . He... READ MORE

10 Days After my Revision my Swelling Sarted to Increase, is This Normal?

After my first rhinoplasty my nose looked crooked because on the right side of my dorsum I had a bump that turned out to be bone, 10 days ago I had my... READ MORE

Is a 2nd rhinoplasty going to help or make it worse? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2006 to remove a bump on the bridge of my nose. I did not have surgery on the tip. Over the years my left nostril has collapsed... READ MORE

Do I need a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Rhinoplasty in December of 2013 to remove the hump on the bridge. I loved my results up until it had been about 1 year post-op. Then I noticed the... READ MORE

Nose caving in on the right. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty in June this year but my nose seems to have gone worse! My worms eye view is terribly uneven and from the front the right... READ MORE

Do I have a hanging columela? (photos)

I had two previous rhinoplasties, and although very happy after the second one, it has now (7 years later) become slowly worse, one side of the nose... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty with revisions many years ago. One side has always had a dent in it but it has worsen. Any suggestion? (photo)

I don't think revision is the answer any new fillers that might help. I think it's scarring. Please can you advise. I did have fillers many years ago.... READ MORE

Apprehensive about second revision septorhinoplasty. Pics and operative notes attached (photos)

Had septorhinoplasty in 2011 (septum was straight prior to any surgery). Post op my nose was crooked, so I had a revision in Dec 2014. Post revision... READ MORE

Severe swelling at 7 weeks post revision with rib graft. Why do I keep getting worse with swelling?

I got a revision rhinoplasty with rib graft 7 weeks ago I have thick skin my question is why do I keep getting worse with the swelling instead of better READ MORE

Need revision desperately but so scared to trust someone again! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had the worst hack job ever by a chief plastic surgeon that I heard great things about in our area. I can't even look at my reflection at this point... READ MORE

V" deformity after hump removal? Will it get worse with time? 2 months post revision Rhinoplasty. (photos)

Hi I had a revision rhinoplasty 2 months ago and I have now developed A "V" deformity, its like the bone "goes in" in the middle of the nose and gets... READ MORE

Insight on revision rhinoplasty please? Three surgeries by my ENT and my breathing is worse. (Photo)

I had a septoplasty, turbinate reduction, fracture repair and sinus surgery 6/15 by my ent. Following a sinus surgery revision (9/15) I had internal... READ MORE

Can rasping revision under local anaesthetic cause change of nose shape or make it worse?

I had closed rhinoplasty July 2015. Now I still have a residual boney hump and I have booked to have this rasped in July 2016. I would like to know... READ MORE

Had revision rhinoplasty on tip but have trouble breathing on right side. Thinking about revision on bridge. Could it worsen?

Since the initial surgery it is somewhat difficult to breathe out of my right nostril. Inside my nose I can feel a small bump and on the outside it... READ MORE

Should I consider a second Revision Rhinoplasty (a 3rd Nose job)? (photos)

Hi,I had a 1st rhinoplasty which didn't turn out great one year and 4 months ago so I decided to get revision to correct the issues and make it... READ MORE

Does anyone know any surgeon in South Florida that can fix a previous Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've had a septRhino 11 years ago. The dr who did my nose. Made my nose look worse. My nose it crooked and I have a dent or dimple on the top of left... READ MORE

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