Worried + Revision Rhinoplasty

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I Had Revision Rhinoplasty 3 Months Ago, is This Swelling? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty 3 months ago as my left nostril had completely collapsed and had trouble breathing. My nose is now alot wider and longer... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Rhinoplasty Related Necrosis After Multiple Surgeries?

Hello, i have had 4 bad bad rhinoplasties and i have now found a good surgeon to correct my nasal deformities. HOWEVER, i am very concerned about... READ MORE

Getting Revision Septorhinoplasty, Should I be Nervous About Outcome, It's a Different Doctor?

Hi, I am a UK 39 old man and had open rhinoplasty 12month ago. The op was not a success and the company I went with are willing for me to have... READ MORE

Worried About a Point I've Noticed After Revision on my Nose (photo)

Revision on my nose its now 20 days passed but at the top left side of my nose theres somthing pointy its soft when pressed on and my dr injected... READ MORE

5 Months Post Op Open Revision Rhinoplasty and I Have Caught a Terrible Head Cold!

Dear Doctors, I have caught a terrible headcold and my nose does not stop running. I am constantly having to blow my nose (although I am careful when... READ MORE

Post-op Scare - Need Advice & Opinion Please (7 Weeks Post-op)

Hello, I am very concerned about the health and healing of my nose and would appreciate expert advice please? I'm 7 weeks post-op; this was a... READ MORE

Is restylane safe to hide edges of gore-tex implant? Will I have complications with fillers after revision? (Photo)

I am Asian with thin skin & bulbous tip. I had gore-tex implant placed on bridge & septal cartilage on tip 2 months ago (doctor suggested gore-tex).... READ MORE

Hit on the nose 3 months after closed revision rhinoplasty. Should I worry about it? Could it cause a deformity?

Hello!!I had a closed revision rhinoplasty 3 months ago.yesterday I hit my nose I fell on to my boyfriend but I didn't understand how much force it... READ MORE

Need help. 6 wks post revision rhinoplasty and I still have this redness that I'm worried might be an onset of infection (Photo)

6 wks ago i has revision rhino, removing my silicon and replacing it with goretex wrappedd in fascia for the bridge and septal and ear cartilage for... READ MORE

I've had revision rhinoplasty but it's still not right (Photo)

I had a big trauma to my nose and opted to have rhinoplasty. After a year of healing i was very unhappy with the results as It still was crooked. I... READ MORE

I am 9 weeks post revision Rhinoplasty and my nose looks exactly the same. I'm really worried. (Photo)

Dear Sirs, I had a revision rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago and am disappointed to find that my nose looks exactly the same as before, with a convex supratip.... READ MORE

Should I be worried if I cannot talk to former patient?

I've asked several times to speak to a former patient of my doctors. I'm told that she's busy and she'll call me. That was several weeks ago. I've... READ MORE

Are spreader grafts easily displaced following rhinoplasty ?

I have just had a revision rhinoplasty and I am wondering whether spreader grafts are easily displaced . I am worried that simply cleaning the... READ MORE

I'm confused and worried about the placement of my onlay peck graft. Is it likely to come loose?

I understand that grafts go into a pocket and scar tissue keeps them in place.I had 2 rhinoplasties and I see in my notes that the first time the... READ MORE

Healing after revision rhinoplasty. Should I be worried?

I am a few days post op revision rhinoplasty. So far the tip looks much better. Last time u healed badly- I had an asymmetric tip and my surgeon told... READ MORE

Open Rhinoplasty revision 6 months post op, @ 2 weeks post revision worried about scar and "white ball" in nostril. (Photo)

Had open rhinoplasty, 6 mnths later my doc revised scar tissue in tip &scar on columella. 2 weeks post op, worried about 2things: scar seems to be... READ MORE

I got a cortisone injection 48 hours ago and it swelled up like crazy right away, it hasn't gone down yet. Should I be worried?

I got a cortisone injection because I developed little bit of a hump right above the tip, kind of like a "pollybeak". I had surgery 7 weeks... READ MORE

Worried after cleaning nose! Post op revision rhinoplasty 6 days

I was trying to clean the gunk from the top of my nostril on the inside, but couldnt get it out as i think it is attached to stitches on the wall of... READ MORE

I had revision rhinoplasty 12 days ago and my nose looks perfect but yesterday I accidentally hit my nose with my hand.

I had revision rhinoplasty 12 days ago and my nose looks perfect but yesterday i accidentally hit my nose with my hand. I felt pain for like a minute... READ MORE

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