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Can a Spreader Graft Widen the Tip of my Nose After a Rhinoplasty Result That I Hate??

I had a tip rhinoplasty because I was unhappy with my bulbous nose and big drooping tip. I am thrilled that the ball on the very end and the dropping... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty question - adding cartilage?

I just saw a surgeon and he told me that my bridge is too thin (I agree and I hate it) and my tip is bulbous and it lacks support. He said he will... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Widened and the Dorsum Raised 2-3 Mm After Revision?

I've had one revision using a rib spreader graft and ear for the tip. My nose was broken and made skinnier but it totally changed the proportions... READ MORE

What Are My Options Of Making My Bridge Wider With Revision Rhinoplasty?

What can you tell me about the current nose I have now? What's wrong with it (what can you see from the picture of course? Also, to make the... READ MORE

How hard is it to fix a pinched tip for revision rhinoplasty, and what are the chances of a good outcome?

What takes in place in widening of the tip? From what I read it seems this is historically difficult problem to have repaired with an exceptional... READ MORE

Widen Dorsum? (photo)

Hello, 1 year ago I got my rhinoseptoplasty to fix a crooked nose with hump and deviated septum. Actually the result doesn't satisfact me, because my... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery for Bridge Widening a More Complex Procedure Than First Time/bridge Thinning Surgery?

I had a rhinoplasty in October last year and now that much of the swelling has subsided I am really unhappy with the result, particularly from the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision Advice on Fillers or Best Method to Fill in Dents? (photo)

Hi, seeking advice on the best method to fill dents on sides of my nose. I've read conflicting info on perm fillers and read rib cartilage can warp... READ MORE

Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

After 2 Rhinoplasties, Can Nasal Be Outfractured to Give Me More Width?

I had a revision surgery and my doctor narrowed my nasal bones too much. The narrow bones do not match the rest of the nose and the nose itself does... READ MORE

What do you call a nose shape like this? (Photo)

I'm going to have a revision nosejob sooner or later and I really would like to have results that are something like in the pictures. I mean, wider at... READ MORE

Could Fillers Help with my Nose? (photo)

After rhinoplasty the bridge of my nose seems to dissapear when i smile and my nose widens, also my nose points upward and my nostrils show too much.... READ MORE

Thin Nasal Bone. Unhappy With Results.

I have a rhinoplast for about one month , I was having a wide bridge and a big nose , and i agreed with my docter that he will not break the nasl bone... READ MORE

I've Had 3 Nose Surgeries and my Nose Keeps Getting Wider and Its Keeps Losing Its Shape

I'm a man. I've had 3 nose surgeries, at age 18, 21 and 22. I'm 35 now and my nose looks like its losing its shape and its getting wider... READ MORE

How close to my old nose can I get with revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had open rhino/septoplasty and it dramatically changed and imbalanced my face. I want to know whether once the healing period has passed I can get... READ MORE

Is There a Less Invasive Maneuver Than Extension Grafts to Lenghten a Slightly Shortened Nose?

My nose is slightly over shortened and it needs not more than 2 -3 mm in lengthening if not less. Is there a less risky maneuver one can use for a... READ MORE

Augmentation of Nasal Width

Is it possible to increase the width of the bridge? I am having revision rhinoplasty to augment my nose/ radix & bridge. My PS will be using a... READ MORE

Can I make my nose wider again and add additional graft to my alar again? too much alar trim. (photo)

Hi its been 1 and 5 mos already since i underwent from tip plasty and alar plasty, Im not satisfied with the result because it made me look like not a... READ MORE

Is it possible to see the original ascending process of the maxilla in an open Revision Rhinoplasty?

Use out fracture to widen the lateral wall to where they used to be? (Make the lateral wall AND dorsum Wider) READ MORE

I want a big nose with wide nostrils?

I want to remove my old nose and have a big nose with wide nostrils far away from septum and enters sufficient air can i have this operation ? and how... READ MORE

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