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One Sided Inverted V Deformity? or Full Inverted V Deformity? (photo)

I had revision rhino.2 months ago. My Dr only did a spreader graft on my left side for collapsed cartilage. Do the first 2 pics (before surgery... READ MORE

Revision. Paper thin skin. Tip Bossae prominent. Twisted. No functional problems. (Photo)

Hello, the surgeon I like wants to fix my tip bossae with an open approach. He does not want to use any grafts because of my super thin skin with a... READ MORE

Symmetrical and droopy collumela? (photos)

When i was little i broke my nose , my cartilage was twisted and off to the left . I did my rhinoplasty surgery with medical insurance (free) at the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Got a rhinoplasty done when I was 20 years old(12 years ago)to correct something I was very self conscious about. I had a small, but quite noticeable... READ MORE

Have any surgeons here reversed a lower lateral cartilage repositioning? (photo)

Had a revision rhinoplasty recently and just wanted the tip straightened. I had a twisted tip and wanted it fixed. One of the many extreme techniques... READ MORE

POST RHINO: Do I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a Rhinoplasty 4 months ago to fix the dorsum (that was twisted to the right side after having a trauma) but I can still see my nose twisted! Do... READ MORE

Revision surgeon required for thin skin patient. Can you suggest credible surgeons in America? (Photos)

5 years ago I had a terrible rhinoplasty in the uk to remove my dorsal hump which I still have plus several other problems-a dent on the right side of... READ MORE

I've had three surgeries and my nose is still twisted and nostrils are not symmetrical? (photo)

I have a crushed graft right now and now I think it's shifted. I feel bumps poking out. I had my last surgery almost 9 years ago. I'm scared of... READ MORE

Who would you recommend for a revision rhinoplasty? I live in the pacific NW, Canada; but will go anywhere to see someone great.

My nose is twisted from prior surgeries. My skin is thin, the cartilage implants to fix an open roof deformity are visible, the deformity is still... READ MORE

Twisted Tip; Options For Getting It Fixed?

Hello everyone. Basically I fractured my nose really bad and it healed off center. I got it refractured and reset but now a portion of my septum at... READ MORE

What should be done to fix my nose? My nose is slanted,bulbous, wide, sticks out way too much, and twisted tip. (photos)

I just had my second open Rhinoplasty 6 months ago. I was happy with the first, but I played college soccer and got hit a few times in the nose that... READ MORE

Twisted/Buckled Tip Resulting In Blocked Airway. Revision Typically Covered By Insurance?

After fracturing my nose, I underwent a Septoplasty which included refracturing my nose and adding spreader grafts in both sides. My breathing became... READ MORE

Do I have a hanging columela? (photos)

I had two previous rhinoplasties, and although very happy after the second one, it has now (7 years later) become slowly worse, one side of the nose... READ MORE

Twisted nose, misplaced lateral crus--how is it fixed?

My nose was left crooked to the left when I had a nasal implant in it & I was injured. I am 3 months post op a poor revision. Last year I was injured... READ MORE

Third time lucky? Rhinoplasty revision. (photos)

Had surgery on my nose when I was 16 (now late 30s), all I remember is a deviated septum, a bump and a big tip. As I got older, the tip started... READ MORE

After 3rd surgery my septum is still deviated and my nostrils are uneven. What can I do? (Photo)

After 3 rhinoplastys 3wks Po I know I need to wait a year to heal. I'm noticing my septum is still deviated and my nostrils very uneven as well as one... READ MORE

Follow up - More photos of nose (Photo)

I have added photos of nose from all angles refer the previous question. Why is my nose so twisted? READ MORE

Do I just need to add more skin, fillers to my nose or does it require further surgery? (Photos)

I had a secondary rhinoplasty back in 2014 to correct a twisted nose deformity. The nose in the first 6-7 months looked very good, but after the... READ MORE

What to do? I had rhinoplasty since months ago, and the result is extremely disappointing.

I have a very wide open roof with dents on the bridge, an inverted v (thats worse on one wide than the other), and one side collapses in when i... READ MORE

Is my nose slightly twisted or has a c shape deformity or s shaped deformity? (Photo)

It's been nearly 7 weeks since my revision rhinoplasty. On the left upper part of my nose and above my left eye it looks c shaped concave, then there... READ MORE

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