Turbinate Reduction + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Can Fixing the Collapsed Internal Nasal Valve in a Person with Previous Turbinate Reduction Cause Empty Nose?

I was wondering if it is possible that my collapsed internal nasal valve is preventing me from experiencing signs of Empty Nose Syndrome after... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is ugly. I know redo's are difficult but can i get this fixed ? (photos)

1st cosmetic change 2nd surgery( different Dr) open using template,deviated septum,reduction turbinates poss.graft( memory fails) 3rd surgery( as... READ MORE

Unexpected septorhinoplasty results leave me wondering if I should be worried at this point? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks out from a septorhinoplasty and turbinate reduction procedure and nasal vestibular repair. Concerns: 1) my nose looks like is still... READ MORE

Follow up about methods to decrease revision rhinoplasty swelling/bruising (Photo)

Edited to add photo, and mention I 'd like nose derotated (brought down), nostril show reduced as well as I need septoplasty and turbinate reduction... READ MORE

Stitch inside left alar wall, uneven nostrils and tip after revision septorhinoplasty. Could it be due to scar tissue? (Photo)

On 4/7/15 I had a septo, right turbinate reduction and open rhino revision to correct the right side of the nose bridge which was higher/uneven... READ MORE

Over worked nasal bridge and pinched tip? (Photo)

What do you think? I went to get a second opinion from a Dr she said that I had a pointy tip and overworked nose bridge. She also said that I had a... READ MORE

2 years post op, 6 hour surgery revision rhinoplasty, deviated septum and turbinate reduction using rib graft. Swelling time?

My nose recently has been twitching/ throbbing quite a bit. sometimes fairly severly. I can also feel the rib cartilage will be thicker some times... READ MORE

Uneven swelling and bulbous tip pulls to the right. Is this normal one month post-op? (Photo)

Hi there, I had a revision rhinoplasty one month ago due to a bulbous tip and breathing issues. I also had a turbinate reduction. My first rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Insight on revision rhinoplasty please? Three surgeries by my ENT and my breathing is worse. (Photo)

I had a septoplasty, turbinate reduction, fracture repair and sinus surgery 6/15 by my ent. Following a sinus surgery revision (9/15) I had internal... READ MORE

My nostril height is different on either side of nose and is worse since precious surgery any advice ? (Photos)

I had Septolasty and left turbinate reduction surgery three weeks ago, I do understand that I am still healing, however before my surgery I had a... READ MORE

Death in family - Is taking a flight safe 10 days post-op from septo rhinoplasty? Worried about altitude and pressure.

I am currently 8 days post-op from a septoplasty, bilateral turbinectomy/turbinate reduction, and stenosis repair of a collapsed nostril from a... READ MORE

What surgery is required to fix droopy nasal tip?

Previously had septoplasty & turbinate reduction due to breathing problems, that hasn't improved, consultant said I have a droopy nasal tip which... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty 8months Post Op?

I am 8 months post op from revision rhinoplasty. It was an open procedure, he reduced the turbinates, a graft on one side, and I had packing. It still... READ MORE

Empty Nose Syndrome on one side?-Revison septorhinoplasty Feb 15-rib cartilage grafts for valve collapse and turbinate resection

After surgery, my breathing felt improved. In June I got a cold and since then my right nostril has felt blocked. No improvement with sinus washes,... READ MORE

Chronic non-allergic inflammation (no runny nose) after two rhinoplasties,septoplasty,sinus & turbinates reduction (photos)

After two rhinoplasties I couldnĀ“t breath.I was told I need sinus surgery,septoplasty,turbinates reduction.It was disaster:nose collapsed,still cant ... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Hi i had a turbinate reduction and a deviated septum straitened 5 years ago . i have just found out that what they thought was sinusitus which i have... READ MORE

Which doctors do your recommend in the NYC/Long Island area who has performed thousands of revisions for functional/cosmetic?

I am now month three after functional and cosmetic nose surgery. My breathing is horrendous (worse than before surgery) and my nostrils are crooked.... READ MORE

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