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Best Doctor for Revision Rhinoplasty in Philadelphia, New Jersey, or NYC

I live in the Philadelphia area. I am overwhelmed with trying to determine who is the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the area. I am willing to... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know of an Experienced/good Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Who is Not Too Expensive (I.e. Under $11,000)? (photo)

I'm from Australia and had a primary open septorhinoplasty that left me with a droopy tip and an oddly shaped bridge (perhaps an open roof deformity?)... READ MORE

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

I am travelling to the US (from Australia) to have revision rhinoplasty done in the next few months and have been researching surgeons for a long time... READ MORE

Liposuction and BBL 5 Days After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I will be travelling to Dominican Republic from UK for a BBL and liposuction 5 days after Rhinoplasty, please is this safe? READ MORE

Is It Wise to Come to US for Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had primary rhinoplasty 1 year ago in europe and its a really bad result i have a droopy nasel tip and its crooked im now looking for a... READ MORE

I need revision, will travel anywhere! What needs to be done to make my nose look good? (photos)

I am now 6 months post op. My nose is worse than before. I only wanted hanging columella fixed, and small bump on my nose removed. Now, my tip is... READ MORE

Looking for a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience.

Had accident zygomatic blowout fracture with nasal and maxillary fractures.Underwent septorhinoplasty in 1994 with columella and dorsal implants for... READ MORE

Can these changes be achieved through revision? Just want a manly nose! Depressed after primary (Photos)

After my primary in November 2016 im very unhappy with the results. Since my surgery the: -tip looks bulbous from the front with huge nostrils -... READ MORE

5 months post-op: Can my profile be revised to look like what I had before? (photos)

Hello doctors, I had my primary rhinoplasty in October 2016 and my surgeon basically did everything I didn't want done. In addition to many issues, I... READ MORE

Help on choosing a surgeon for revision rhinoplasty on a black woman (photo)

I am totally frustrated.....I have been to a couple of consultations with a number of plastic surgeons for a revision rhinoplasty ......they all seem... READ MORE

Can I have revision rhinoplasty sooner than 6 months if the problems are apparent? Facial appearance changed completely

2 weeks ago i had Rhinoplasty abroad (I'm from the UK and was trying to save money) however i have learnt from my mistake. Now i am very depressed and... READ MORE

Surgeon with most experience in lengthening short noses?

I would like to enquire about a short nose revision specialist to help me lengthen and derotate my nose I believe I need grafting and am happy to... READ MORE

Can you please recommend a good experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon in America?

I have had a bad primary in england and wish to get it fixed and hopefully restore some of my original traits to my nose so i get my look back.can you... READ MORE

How much DOES a Revision Rhinoplasty would cost?

Hello, I'm sure many of you have seen questions from me on here before. If you have some time could you look at my previous questions and reviews and... READ MORE

I would love some recommendations of doctors who specialize in revisions,willing to travel to St. Louis, Chicago, & Kansas City.

I am searching for a doctor to do my 3rd revision, after bad experiences with my 1st doctor, I would love to go to someone who specializes in... READ MORE

I have travel planned 2 weeks after Open Revision Rhinoplasty, is this a risk?

I had an open revision rhinoplasty on monday 31st. I SHOULD travel to THAILAND (from europe) the 12th of april, till the 24th. it is a 20 hour flight!... READ MORE

I want to have a revision Rhinoplasty, is it safe to have it in the US (I'm from Spain)?

I want to have a revision rhinoplasty, but I feel like in my country (Spain) there aren't expert surgeons, above all for a thick skin nose like mine.... READ MORE

What if my Gore-Tex implant in my nose get infected during pregnancy and/or travel to the UK?

I've just got my nose done. I have gore-tex implanted between my eyebrows and my rib in my nose tip. I'm very well aware if once infected it must be... READ MORE

Who are the ABSOLUTE BEST Revision Rhinoplasty surgeons in the U.S? I am based in California but am willing to travel.

Broke my nose many years ago after falling in a kitchen( long story..). I've have 2 surgeries since. The first surgery looked great for about 10 years... READ MORE

1 year post revision op- Hard bulbous tip, struggle to breath and nose runs- what could cause this?

It is 1 year after my revision surgery - I had scar tissue removed and tip reshaped. I had an infection in one nostril a few weeks after surgery which... READ MORE

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