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Do I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty or Can Steroid Injections Help?

My surgeon did an excellent job. I however had two different incidents where my nose experienced some trauma. Do you think a revision is necessary and... READ MORE

What Would Be the Difficulty of Revision Be in This Case and Do You Think It Would Be Worth It? (photo)

Hello, my doctor did terrific job on my rhinoplasty. Overall my nose still looks ok, it was pretty much perfect before. Unfortunately I had two... READ MORE

Two Rhinoplasty in 2 wks. Is this normal and is the swelling just a result of too much trauma in a short amount of time? (photo)

About a month and a half ago I had a revision rhinoplasty. Two weeks post op someones bumped into me and my surgeon said that it was fractured. He... READ MORE

I've had revision rhinoplasty but it's still not right (Photo)

I had a big trauma to my nose and opted to have rhinoplasty. After a year of healing i was very unhappy with the results as It still was crooked. I... READ MORE

Do I need a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a septo- and an open rhinoplasty 8Months ago. My nose looked perfect after the cast removal. I fear that the trauma my nose experienced 3Months... READ MORE

Two septorhinoplasty procedures done before, deviated septum and bones. My doc says it's because of trauma. I disagree (Photo)

I have had my first septorhinoplasty 9years ago at 18, the nose became straight and i was happy but as the body was still growing i got crooked nose... READ MORE

Third Rhinoplasty. Getting grafts done. Same doctor. Is this a good idea? (Photo)

I've had two rhinoplasties so far. The first one, 10 years ago, was a closed surgery and for a deviated septum and trauma. The second, 3 years ago,... READ MORE

Am I allowed to ask a surgeon to correct multiple issues in a complex revision?

I am a rhino revision patient that was injured and has gone through an unsuccessful rhinoplasty to correct permanent structural/aesthetic changes in... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for non surgical Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have had Rhinoplasty 3x, all 5-6 yrs ago, due to facial trauma. The 1st for breathing. The 2nd for function. The 3rd, cartilage from my ears was... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty accompanied by fear & anxiety. My nose kinda looks the same, or does it? (Photos)

Initial rhino to correct repeated childhood facial trauma and low self-estreem. Revision rhino for nasal asymmetry, bulbous tip, bridge widening from... READ MORE

Does Rhinoplasty cause facial trauma?

Since I've had rhinoplasty my facial cheeck bones appear mote flat, well whole face kind of looks flat. Can RP cause this to happen. After my first... READ MORE

What are the risks of septum/septal caudal repositioning repositioning?

I am a revision rhinoplasty patient with a flat, droopy nose. I'd like to get a rhinoplasty to fix and fix a septum that is deviated after nasal... READ MORE

Lightly taping my nose after revision rhinoplasty?

I have revision rhinoplasty 1.5 weeks ago. I had facial trauma & this was my 2nd revision rhinoplasty. After the 1st surgery the graft collapsed... READ MORE

Experienced Revision Rhinoplasty surgeons comfortable with dealing with mid vault collapse caused by trauma near Manchester UK?

9 years ago I had a septo-Rhinoplasty after nasal trauma. Unfortunately I have had another trauma recently and with the panic set my own nose back... READ MORE

Revision rhino 3 years ago. Sustained trauma to nose one month ago. Tip looks bulbous & wider. Could this still be swelling?

Nose was lovely & refined prior to recent injury. No fracture, but spreader graft was shifted during impact; bridge doesn't seem as high &... READ MORE

I was not born with a spreader graft. Was the spreader graft most likely a result of the surgical procedure?

I was not born with a spreader graft and I was always fine with breathing. I then got a rhinoplasty and then a revision and a spreader graft was put... READ MORE

What is the difference between skin defatting or debulking in a revision patient?

I'm looking to get a final revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct a nasal tip that went through trauma & a misguided procedure that excessively removed... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty and my poor nose went through serious trauma. I'd like unbiased, honest opinions! (Photo)

Ok. Long story short, I had complications post rhinoplasty where I was hospitalised, lost 60% of my blood. Upon arrival, to stop the bleeding a dr... READ MORE

Can rev. rhinoplasty makes my nose same as before trauma? (photos)

I had trauma and i ve gone through rhinoplasty. i think my nose even look more fater & flatter than before and small as compared to my face. i... READ MORE

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