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Filler Injections for Uneven Nostrils? (photo)

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty and I heard they can use permanent injections for ''touch ups.'' I was wondering, when can I go and ask for a... READ MORE

How Soon After my First Alar Base Reduction, Will I Be Able to Have a Second Alar Base Reduction Procedure?

2 weeks ago. I had my third rhinoplasty (revision) to revise a supratip hump and to smoothen my bridge more. No bones were broken. I also took my... READ MORE

Shall I Go for Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am now 6 month post operation, this is my second rhinoplasty and I my nose still look the same- long and prominent. there is small residual bony... READ MORE

How Long Do You Have to Wait for a Rhinoplasty After Having Juvederm Put in Nose?

Hello I had a rhinoplasty three years ago and I don't think the doctor knew what he was doing.i went in four a bump on my nose and got a crooked nose... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Before Rebuilding the Nose After Removal?

I want to have my implant in my nose removed but i am wondering how long should I wait for rebuilding( either by silicon again or the body tissue... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Enough Recovery for Alar Base, Columella and a Closed Rhino?

Im thinking of having a few refinements on a previous rhino. I want my alars reduced and the collumena hangs a bit. I would also like some more tissue... READ MORE

I am one month post-op. When is the soonest I can get a revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty 1 month ago, and I am not happy with the results. I had a dorsal hump which is gone and my nose is thinner from the frontal view,... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty or Mommy Makeover and Other Body Procedures First?

How long do I need to wait if I had the revision rhinoplasty before I can have any surgery done on my body, particularly a mommy makeover, brazilian... READ MORE

Can I Achieve my Desired Results with a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My primary rhinoplasty was on May 29, 2013. (The picture on the left is what my nose looks like now, almost 3 months after the primary.) The picture... READ MORE

How soon can I have my nose revised after terrible shortening and over rotation? I have thin skin.

I had a Septo/Rhinoplasty two months ago, and my surgeon shortened and upturned my nose severely despite my clear request to maintain the same nose... READ MORE

How soon after can I undergo a Rhinoplasty after a hair transplant?

I've read that surgery could cause temporary hair loss. I had a septorhinoplasty 6 months ago, i may need to go for a revision. If i decide to have a... READ MORE

Please need an expert opinion. Need your experts advice. Is it possible to recover my previous nose? (Photo)

A nose fracture made me decide to operate my already operated nose, once again . Without my consent, i woke up with a different nose. I am not fan of... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty can I go for a revision consult?

I had my rhinoplasty two months ago. While the surgeon says that it will eventually improve in appearance, I have not seen improvement with the dents... READ MORE

How soon can I get revision rhinoplasty for retracted nostril, tip refining & breathing prob? Best surgeon in Australia? (Photo)

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty/ nostril reduction and side bones were broken to make nose narrower 2 months back. My right nostril is severely retracted and... READ MORE

Could I get revision rhinoplasty a little under a year after the first rhinoplasty? How do I pick a surgeon? How much money?

I got my rhinoplasty August 6th (2014). I can pretty much already tell I'm going to want revision rhinoplasty. The thing is, next summer I go to... READ MORE

How soon can Revision Rhinoplasty be done? What type of Revision Rhinoplasty operation could correct hard tip? (Photo)

This case is about 3rd Asian Revision Rhino, unhappy : Bridge now is placed silicone, too high. Tip was treated: ear cartilage multiple shield graft... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty for severely over-rotated tip which has now shortened the length of my nose & eradicated the point? (photo)

Should I have my revision carried out 12 or 18 months post original rhinoplasty? I do not want to compromise my result in any way by rushing the... READ MORE

Lie to rhinoplasty surgeon about the date of my last surgery?

If I lie about the date of when I last had rhinoplasty to a revision surgeon will they find out? For example, if I had surgery 8 months ago, but I say... READ MORE

Revise a jaw surgery and how soon can I do a revision rhinoplasty? Can fat transfer help the hollows in my cheeks? (photo)

I had a vline jaw surgery in Seoul 4/2014 ehich left me eith saggy skin,cheeks, and hollows. In 4/2015, I tried to fix this with a... READ MORE

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