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Hit Nose After 1 Year Post-Op Rhinoplasty- Have I Done Permanent Damage?

I had open rhinoplasty/septoplasty just over a year ago. The tip is still swollen as it was a revision. A few days ago I hit my nose somewhat hard- it... READ MORE

Swelling or Scar?

I had my third rhinoplasty three months ago which focused on removing scar tissue from the right side of the supratip and pushing the right bone in... READ MORE

I Am a Week Post Op from Revision Rhinoplasty to Rasp a Residual Hump. Pain in Cheekbone Normal?

Is it normal a week after having revision rhinoplasty to rasp a residual hump to have a very painful cheekbone on right side. It is swollen and super... READ MORE

Will pushing on nose a few days after Tip Revision cause the tip to shift?

I had nose tip revision (previous septal cartilage), then 5 days later had double eyelid surgery. During the surgery they removed the nose cast (which... READ MORE

Does taping over the supra tip area cause some tendernerness? I'm 1 month post op revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage graft

I had revision rhinoplasty using rib graft. My 1st & only rhinoplasty was through a closed approach using L shape silicon. My tip is still bulbous &... READ MORE

Several concerns post rhinoplasty revision surgery, but the doc keeps saying it is fine and not to worry. 3 concerns?

1. firm, lighter colored elevation on the columella around the incision line that is tender to touch 2. the columella is assymetric 3. i looked in my... READ MORE

Why is my nose regressing rapidly at 4 mos post op?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (using rib grafts) 4 months ago. About a week ago my nose started swelling a great deal and is also incredibly sore,... READ MORE

What can I do for the crease above my lip when I smile 12 months after revision rhinoplasty?

When I smile I have a horizontal crease above my lip below my nose. I noticed this now at 12 months post op revision rhinoplasty. My nose tip still... READ MORE

2 wks post-op from 3rd rhinoplasty with ear cartilage, and have tip tenderness,blackheads with scarring/deformity. Will it heal?

My 2nd dr had to operate 2X due to the asymmetrical way my nose healed after the 1st surgery.I am East-Indian by descent, and scar easily.I had a red... READ MORE

I had revision rhino 2 weeks ago; the surgeon took skin from the side of my head to rebuild my bridge. A soft bump has formed?

The skin around the area is red/purple and is very soft and tender to touch. It definitely doesnt feel like bone. I previously had a bit of a dip in... READ MORE

Tenderness and soreness inside left nostril. Should I do something about immediately or can it wait?

Hi everyone, i had an open revision rhinoplasty 24 days ago. My doctor took out my stitches 2 weeks ago but i ve figured out there is one leftover... READ MORE

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