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Hit Nose After 1 Year Post-Op Rhinoplasty- Have I Done Permanent Damage?

I had open rhinoplasty/septoplasty just over a year ago. The tip is still swollen as it was a revision. A few days ago I hit my nose somewhat hard- it... READ MORE

Swelling or Scar?

I had my third rhinoplasty three months ago which focused on removing scar tissue from the right side of the supratip and pushing the right bone in... READ MORE

I Am a Week Post Op from Revision Rhinoplasty to Rasp a Residual Hump. Pain in Cheekbone Normal?

Is it normal a week after having revision rhinoplasty to rasp a residual hump to have a very painful cheekbone on right side. It is swollen and super... READ MORE

Will pushing on nose a few days after Tip Revision cause the tip to shift?

I had nose tip revision (previous septal cartilage), then 5 days later had double eyelid surgery. During the surgery they removed the nose cast (which... READ MORE

Does taping over the supra tip area cause some tendernerness? I'm 1 month post op revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage graft

I had revision rhinoplasty using rib graft. My 1st & only rhinoplasty was through a closed approach using L shape silicon. My tip is still bulbous &... READ MORE

Several concerns post rhinoplasty revision surgery, but the doc keeps saying it is fine and not to worry. 3 concerns?

1. firm, lighter colored elevation on the columella around the incision line that is tender to touch 2. the columella is assymetric 3. i looked in my... READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon who specialises in revision rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 2 years ago, the hump removed, tip shortened and columella lifted, I was happy at first with the results, but since the surgery my... READ MORE

How to determine damage after bumping nose? Previously did rev rhinoplasty.

I had revision rhinoplasty several years ago and will be going for another revision next year to fix the twisting and structural issues. I... READ MORE

Why is my nose regressing rapidly at 4 mos post op?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (using rib grafts) 4 months ago. About a week ago my nose started swelling a great deal and is also incredibly sore,... READ MORE

What can I do for the crease above my lip when I smile 12 months after revision rhinoplasty?

When I smile I have a horizontal crease above my lip below my nose. I noticed this now at 12 months post op revision rhinoplasty. My nose tip still... READ MORE

2 wks post-op from 3rd rhinoplasty with ear cartilage, and have tip tenderness,blackheads with scarring/deformity. Will it heal?

My 2nd dr had to operate 2X due to the asymmetrical way my nose healed after the 1st surgery.I am East-Indian by descent, and scar easily.I had a red... READ MORE

I had revision rhino 2 weeks ago; the surgeon took skin from the side of my head to rebuild my bridge. A soft bump has formed?

The skin around the area is red/purple and is very soft and tender to touch. It definitely doesnt feel like bone. I previously had a bit of a dip in... READ MORE

PO 5th revision, had light trauma to nose. Unable to blow nose w/o tip swelling up, feeling shooting pains/tingling/tenderness?

Also not able to wash the nose without experiencing the previous symptoms, which only alleviate with no contact with the nose for a few days. Went to... READ MORE

Tenderness and soreness inside left nostril. Should I do something about immediately or can it wait?

Hi everyone, i had an open revision rhinoplasty 24 days ago. My doctor took out my stitches 2 weeks ago but i ve figured out there is one leftover... READ MORE

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