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Nasal Sutures to Straighten Septum?

Nasal sept straight but deviated to left. Primary rhino doc used closed approach and spreader graft along with a mattress suture. Looking to revision... READ MORE

Alar Base Is Wide and Thick after Primary Surgery. Is a Suture Cinch Method The Right Call?

I had nose surgery before, nasal bones were broken. Alar bases looks wide and thick. My doctor wants the suture cinch to narrow the frontal part. Does... READ MORE

Septocolumellar Suture Removal Possible? (photo)

4 ks ago my nose was shortened and my tip was turned up via a septocolumellar suture. i am EXTREMELY unhappy with the results since I wanted to... READ MORE

Remove Suture Tip Cartilage After Six Months?

As my tip was unvoluntarily narrowed by suturing technique, I am thinking about when I should have revision rhinoplasty for removing the suture. Maybe... READ MORE

Can Suturing Cartilage to the Septum During a Revision Rhinoplasty Change the Entire Shape of Your Nose?

Had a Revision Rhinoplasty over 1 month ago the surgeon said when he opened me up that the cartilage on the right side of septum was "flying in the... READ MORE

I had revision rhinoplasty 4 months ago, and my tip now leans to the right. Will suturing correct this? (Photo)

The surgeon said the first rhinoplasty was cut at the very bottom of the columella (closed) , Revision was open and surgeon cut the middle of... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty- my surgeon's suggestions to correct. Sound reasonable? (Photo)

After two rhinoplasties, my surgeon offered to correct some remaining issues in an in- office procedure. - tip tilts to the right: fold the left lower... READ MORE

What is the columella retraction suture (in revision rhinoplasty)?

This procedure was suggested along with several other manoeuvres to correct an overshortened nose and one in which the primary surgeon stitched the... READ MORE

2days Ago at Least One Suture Came Out. Today 1 on the Inside Came Out. Should I Contact my Doctor ASAP?

The nostril revision was done in office 4 days ago to make nostrils smaller. A suture on the left outside crease( by the cheek) came out by I don't... READ MORE

6 wks post rhino and dr cut nose short. Can suture in the nose be clipped so nose drops?

6 weeks post rhinoplasty and my doctor cut my nose almost 2ml. Not expected or planned. I previously had a very long nose I loved. Am very upset.... READ MORE

Can the nasal tip be derotated under a closed approach please? I have too much nostril show on display.

I had closed septo/rhino 5 months ago. my tip is rock hard stiff. I hope it drops more. If it doesn't, is it possible I could have the tip derotated... READ MORE

In revision rhinoplasty, what are some methods of treating valve collapse or inverted v deformity?

I was injured after a good primary rhinoplasty & the whole nose sank down to the left & got wide. It also hurt--like something tore. The bridge/tip... READ MORE

Collumellar Sutured with an overlap or Major Swelling? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 days ago. Right after surgery it looked normal under my nose but after a few days this bump has developed and I am... READ MORE

Would steroid injections help to shrink the nose? Would you recommend them at this point?

Three months ago I had an open rhinoplasty revision to further refine the tip of my nose. My doctor removed a small amount of cartilage and sutured... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty operation - What are these 2 operations do in rhinoplasty?

Transom and interdome suture Tongue In groove I had a nose surgery back home n very unhappy with my results ! Short upturned nose ! Thinking for... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty options (photos)

After deciding on revision rhinoplasty for the indent caused through a suture infection. I have consulted with my surgeon who has informed me he... READ MORE

One week post rhinoplasty revision, how should cartilage graft suture site look?

The area is painful and ear slightly protruding. No bleeding or signs of infection just really rough suture site that looks super jagged with skin... READ MORE

Can all types of nose sutures be removed with a revision rhinoplasty later? I don't like the defined nose I'm having?

An interdomal stabilizing suture,transdomal suture, and bilateral mattress sutures to straighten the lateral bowing.. All sutures in the nasal tip... READ MORE

Will suture area of external alarplasty be affected by laughing and/ sneezing after 26 days revision rhinoplasty?

I had removed my sutures at Day 6. Now at Day 26. I could see that the area of my alarplasty (on the wings of nose) where the sutures are seated, have... READ MORE

Is it okay laughing after fixing droopy nose tip?

I am 2 weeks post op from a revision rhinoplasty and seotiplssty. Most of the work was on the nose tip. My surgeon said he sutured the tip back to the... READ MORE

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