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10 years post op of Rhinoplasty, can a tip revision be done with a filler or surgery? (photo)

Rhinoplasty was 10 years ago! Bridge of my nose has become to narrow and my tip has a little ball on it. I've tried restalyne but it hasn't worked.... READ MORE

Why do I STILL have a hump?

In June 2012 I had a rhinoplasty. 6 months later, it appeared that the hump was back so I had a revision. Since then I have been taping my nose every... READ MORE

Will insurance cover revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

This would be my fourth rhinoplasty. I would not be able to go to a doctor who is the best of the best unless insurance could possibly cover most of... READ MORE

Should I have a fourth revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

It has taken 3 infractures and two alar reductions done over sixteen years to get me to the point I am at now. My original surgeon is pretty well... READ MORE

How many times can Rhinoplasty be performed?

If I'm not really satisfied with the result of my surgery, is it possible to repeat the surgery? READ MORE

Opinions on whether to seek out 3rd Rhinoplasty, or should I live this way? (Photos)

1st rhinoplasty 10 yrs ago. Had revision due to polybeak. All looked well after surgery, but after the swelling went down, not so much. I almost feel... READ MORE

Nostrils two different sizes 15 days post revisiĆ³n rhinoplasty? (Photo)

15 days post my revisiĆ³n rhinoplasty left nostril is round and bigger than the right one. I use to have very simetric nostrils, that was the only ... READ MORE

Is it possible to straighten my nose from inside and outside after a failed septum surgery i did in 2012? (photo)

In 2012 Ive had a septum surgery in order to straighten and it failed the surgeon that did the surgery told me that i cant do another nose surgery... READ MORE

Someone looking for revisional rhino - How long would you make them wait after the primary surgery?

Imagine there's no functional issues. And even cosmetically nothing terribly wrong. Someone looking for slightest change. Would 5 to 6 months after... READ MORE

How long after Sinus Surgery for (chronic sinusitis) do I have to wait to get my revision rhinoplasty?

I got my primary rhinoplasty in June of 2013. A little too much bone was shaved off from the bridge and it caused a polly beak deformity,inverted v... READ MORE

After the revision is completed, should you expect the body to regrow the scar tissue to keep the graft in place?

During a rhinoplasty if any graft lets just say nasal shield tip graft was placed during the first surgery and maneuvers are required to cut off the... READ MORE

How soon can I do CoolSculpting after revision rhinoplasty?

I have a very long (8 hour) revision rhinoplasty done 1.5 weeks ago. I had scheduled a coolsculpting appointment for four spots (muffin top, and both... READ MORE

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