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Revision Rhinoplasty. How Long Before I Can Consult Surgeons?

I had rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and my surgeon has acknowledged that a revision is necessary. The columella is now too short and, as well as rigid... READ MORE

Is Retouching Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty Cheaper with Same Surgeon but Expensive with Others? (photo)

I got a nose job, and I am not in love with my new nose.. So I want to do a nose retouch with the surgeon who did it and should be way cheaper than... READ MORE

Should I Use the Same Surgeon for Revision Septorhinoplasty or Get a Second Opinion? (Photos)

I am 6 months post-op from septorhinoplasty. I was wondering if I should still use the same surgeon for revision or second opinion. I believe he... READ MORE

Would Revision Rhinoplasty Be Easier if I Stick to the Same Surgeon?

I am thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty, and I liked the first result but wish to have some minor touch ups done. Should I stick to the same... READ MORE

Are any surgeons capable of fixing my botched nose? (Photos)

Who are the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the U.S.? I am in NY, but willing to travel. I got a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Robert Guida in Jan.... READ MORE

Should I trust my original surgeon with revision rhinoplasty?

I'm experiencing breathing problems 14 months post revision rhinoplasty. My recovery was rather problematic, there was severe bleeding 1 week post op,... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty: should I use the same doctor and what would you to do achieve the wanted results? (Photo)

I had open nose job a year ago, and soon I'll have a revision. I'm having my revision with the same doctor. MISTAKE? He's willing to do it for free. I... READ MORE

Did my surgeon make a mistake? Why is my nose tip like this?

 19 year old female. I'm currently 3 months post op and my tip is noticeably asymmetric. It looks like it's tilted. I never saw any pics taken... READ MORE

Are there certain doctors that are more adept at performing revision rhinoplasties?

I have had my nose done twice now; all stemming from a trauma as a child that made it crooked. Now it looks almost 'too straight' and kind of... READ MORE

Looking for a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience.

Had accident zygomatic blowout fracture with nasal and maxillary fractures.Underwent septorhinoplasty in 1994 with columella and dorsal implants for... READ MORE

How long does it take a surgeon to estimate a revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am considering undergoing another procedure because of the results of a reconstructive rhinoplasty (see pics above for details). However, my surgeon... READ MORE

Irregular bridge lines and narrow middle vault. Revision? Should I trust my original surgeon with the procedure?

After primary rhinoplasty, I really like my profile but feel that the portion right above the tip is too narrow compared to the tip and upper bony... READ MORE

What do I ask my Rhinoplasty surgeon to do to achieve the results I want? (photos)

The picture of my profile on the left is of my current nose and the picture on the right is what I would look my nose to look like. The picture of the... READ MORE

Is it counter-productive to bring the surgeon pictures of what I DON'T want? Or pictures at all for that matter (photos)

I feel like I am more concerned with the many Bad results that may occur rather than Which of the few good ones I could end up with. I have already... READ MORE

My surgeon wants to perform a revision as my nose looks larger after my primary but I am worried any suggestions? (Photos)

I've had a rhinoplasty to make my nose shorter 6 months ago. Now my nose is now a bit shorter but larger. The surgeon recognizes he can do a touch up... READ MORE

Should I consider revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am here for other surgeon's opinions on my 6 month result. I would like to know if the kick-up on the tip of my nose is swelling and if it is likely... READ MORE

Best Grafting Material to restore Radix Height?

My surgeon hacked off my Radix without my consent. I am interested in finding ways to augment the Radix, permanently. Is it best to use Split... READ MORE

Concealment of Grafts --- Ear Perichondrium and Rib Perichondrium Layered

I will be undergoing a complex revision rhinoplasty that which will entail the use of costal cartilage to augment the dorsum and radix. I need about... READ MORE

Short columella post revision rhinoplasty. (photo)

I am very fresh out of my revision surgery, only 9 days and I understand I am swollen although, my columella is significantly short and it doesn't... READ MORE

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