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Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

Using a Graft to Correct Tip Ptosis

I had a revision rhinoplasty where a graft was used to correct tip ptosis. As of right now, it seems like I have great tip support, but will this... READ MORE

Can an over Reduced De-projected Nose Cause the Upper Lip to Not Be Supported?

It has been 5 years after my rhinoplasty.I originally had a long nose with a tethered lip.My nasolabial angle is now very acute and my nose is much... READ MORE

Can Fascia Used on Its Own to Cushion Thin Skin in a Third Rhinoplasty Can It Also Heal Damaged Tissues?

FASCIA: I am concerned that by overstressing the already damaged tissues by another rhinoplasty can make the current situation of my skin worse if... READ MORE

Did the collapse of a support graft cause drooping nostril & asymmetry? (Photo)

I had a septo, rhino & 3 revisions w the same facial ps. Open revision 3 wks ago was to remove bridge scar tissue, refine tip, reduce visible graft on... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty bad outcome - how to correct? (photos)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove a dorsal hump to have a more feminine look. However, i feel the surgeon has overdone my nose. He... READ MORE

If my nose tip is is already supported by septal grafts (e.g., struts, spreader grafts), can I still augment my nose bridge?

My skin is thick and my tip is drooping so I will do septal grafts for it. My nose bridge needs a bit of augmentation. However, I'm not sure if I want... READ MORE

How to fix my nasal tip after primary rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I did a first open rhinoplastie in france 1,5 year ago to have my nasal tip turning on the right put straight, without changing the shape or the size.... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: I've been told by several surgeons that they don't use alar batten grafts anymore, why is this?

Do they just not work very well? Are they more easily used in a closed approach? Do they tend to have unpredictable results? Do they not provide... READ MORE

Nose support septum question after 2 rhinoplasties

I have a 1cm dorsal strut and caudal strut left. Is it dangerous that I practically have no septum left. I went to get other opinions and one said... READ MORE

What are my options to improve the nose shape and resolution after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

In response to the surgeon recommendation.The surgeon I chose has been trained by Charles East, & is a consultant rhinologist & facial plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty graft question

Does a longer columella strut provide more tip support than a small one because I do not think so. If a columella strut is a regular size it gives... READ MORE

Is it safe to do a tip revision after 2 months?

I've been deeply unhappy about my rhinoplasty results, mainly due to the tip work. This includes sutures in my tip and a support graft, making my nose... READ MORE

Constant headaches after bad revision leaves nose deviated/unsupported. What can I do to relieve pain?

My nose was a little crooked to the left after rhinoplasty 1. 3 months ago, in rhinoplasty 2, a surgeon, a surgeon took out an implant and ear... READ MORE

How did septoplasty/turbinate reduction surgery cause my nasal valve to collapse and is septorhinoplasty the solution? (photos)

I had surgery in April. Septum was shaped like a C. Now post op my septum is the same and giving me the same problem. However, now my right side is... READ MORE

Can a revision help here? 8 years post-primary rhinoplasty (photos)

I had a less than great primary 8 years ago and am looking to make a revision. What can be done? I have a semi-collapsed cartilage on the left - the... READ MORE

4 days post-op Rhinoplasty Revision with nose tip round, short, and droopy. Will it appear more lifted after swelling goes away?

My 1st rhinoplasty looked good with defined prominent tip. After 6 months the tip lost projection &drooped with hanging collumella. I asked to... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question - Is the strut even providing support at this point if it is just floating around and clicking?

My question was not previously answered. I had a revision on my columella strut and it was shortened/trimmed and sutured to the caudal septum to... READ MORE

Can a support structure be put in a nose with scar tissue present?

I am a revision patient suffering some nasal collapse/having breathing issues that needs tip support, elevation, a spreader graft, & likely a... READ MORE

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