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Steroid Injections for Decreasing Nose Bridge Height?

I am an Asian female, and I had an open revision rhinoplasty using rib graft, done over 6 months ago. I think the level of the bridge is too high. I... READ MORE

Is It Too Late for Cortison Injections 4 Years After Rhinoplasty?

I had a revision rhinoplasty for my tip and bridge with rib graft four years ago. I have very thick/oily skin. My tip is still wide and uneven with a... READ MORE

Slight Indentation After Steroid Injected into Supratip, Is this Permanent? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty 1 month ago to remove excess cartilage that resulted in a pollybeak deformity (supra-tip issue). After surgery my supra-tip... READ MORE

Steriod Injection After Revision Rhinoplasty Cause Atrophy?

I had a steriod injection following revision rhinoplasty to help with some scar tissue formation after noticing a "bump" on the bridge of my nose at 6... READ MORE

Is my Revision Rhinoplasty Pain Normal?

I had revision rhinoplasty exactly 6 weeks ago. The swelling is beginning to subside (visibly quicker on left side), but I'm having sharp pains mainly... READ MORE

Steroid Injections Before Revision Rhinoplasty

What kind, amount, and concentration of steroids are injected in cases of excess swelling after Rhinoplasty? I only am asking this because I am... READ MORE

callus/bump on bridge removal with steroids causes nose tip to be pulled up?

Hello   i had revision rhinoplasty a month ago for septoplasty and alar retraction. I had an open procedure. Although not much was done to my... READ MORE

Dent Appeared Shortly After Steroid Injection. Will It Remain or Go with Time?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (2nd) in July last year and due to my thick skin which is prone to scar tissue, my surgeon injected a steroid solution at... READ MORE

Steroid Shots for Hump After Rhinoplasty?

I recently got rhinoplasty (revision) and before, I did not have a hump on my nose. Now it is over 2 weeks and the swelling has gone down and to my... READ MORE

I Am at 6 Months Since my Rhinoplasty,and I Am Not Happy with the Results. Any Tips?

I got a nose job last August. One nostril is way bigger than the other, & it is not flattering in pics whatsoever. I was told on here to wait... READ MORE

Can a Scar Tissue Fat Graft Be Removed from the Bridge of my Nose? (It Lies Above the Bone and Under the Skin) (photo)

My surgeon cut a piece of my scar tissue on my abdomen to use as a fat graft padding on my nose bridge since my skin is thin. It looks awful and he... READ MORE

Can hanging columella & excess scar tissue be improved without a major surgery (local anesthesia or steroid improvement)?(Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty in '02 and a revision in '07. Both were open technique. I am happy with the improvements on my nose but not with the... READ MORE

3rd Revision Rhino: Questions About Steroid Shots? (photo)

This questions follows my previous one regarding my non existing tip and pollybeak deformity. Can steroid shot make the tip support weak and "melt" it... READ MORE

What do you recommend to get better results regarding bulbous, round nose after second Revision Rhinoplasty?

Was told my tip was "collapsing" & put rib cart. in. This caused tip to be round & big. Steroids were done & didn't work. Another Dr. said too much... READ MORE

Should I go for the revision? (photos)

Would love ur help! My Revision is scheduled on 4th of Sept-1 year post-op. Primary Doc saying: still swollen in supra-tip area & columella - wants to... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty or Can Steroid Injections Help?

My surgeon did an excellent job. I however had two different incidents where my nose experienced some trauma. Do you think a revision is necessary and... READ MORE

Is it worth getting a Revision Rhinoplasty using a rib graft? Will it make my nose bigger? I have very thick skin. (photo)

After my 2nd surgery my nose was shortened and the definition was noticeable for the first 4 months, I also had steroid injections. My surgeon who did... READ MORE

How Did I Get Here? Tip Post Rhino 1.5 Yrs (photos)

My rhino was Fall2013. Goal was to remove the huge bump &shorten the tip a bit. It was successful but the tip has become a problem. The tip was... READ MORE

Should I Wait Before Having Another Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a revision rhino about 10 months ago that took about 3.5 hours with some ear carilage. I have been very patient for the swelling to subside but... READ MORE

8 months post op of Revision Rhinoplasty to reduce bulbous tip. Is the tip likely to reduce further? (photos)

I am now 8 months post revision rhinoplasty to reduce bulbous tip and projected tip . The tip remains to be bulbous and I am unhappy with side profile... READ MORE

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