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Pressure Feeling on my Nose. Is This Normal?

I had a revision rhinoplasty about a week ago and just got my splint taken off. I'm feeling an odd sense of what can only be described as light... READ MORE

Revision Needed for Base Narrowing, Graft Correction? (photo)

I am having a revision done for the 4th time to correct the spreader grafts, bulbous tip, and external valve collapse. My spreader grafts are visible... READ MORE

Can I Have a Spreader Graft Removed After a Revision Rhinoplasty? My Breathing is Worse.

Two years ago I had a revision rhinoplasty which included a spreader graft, but it made my breathing worse. Instea READ MORE

Can Existing Septal Cartilage Grafts Be Reused in Revision Rhinoplasty?

Primary closed rhino done in 2002 for deviated nose. Doc used only septal cartilage for spreader grafts and tip work. I asked a couple of revision... READ MORE

Why Would my Doctor Use a Spreader Graft?

My doctor never told me he was going to use a spreader graft in my bridge. I didn't even know what the things were until I came out of surgery unhappy... READ MORE

Can a Rib Cartilage Spreader Graft Be Removed Without Causing a Deformed-looking Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty two years ago, and a spreader graft was placed in my nose to help with my breathing. It didn't work, and I now have great... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia for Creating Some Height in Revision? (photo)

I got inverted V dr said it'll be fixed with spreader grafts and on top can be layed dcf. He gave me the choice between donor rib and my own rib, I... READ MORE

Is curved ear cartilage acceptable as spreader graft for one-sided collapsed internal nasal valve? (photo)

I've had two previous septoplasties. The last surgeon performed a cosmetic rhinoplasty. The septum has collapsed causing concavity on the right side... READ MORE

Need Revision Rhinoplasty, I Guess Spreader Grafts, I Don't Know That's Why Im Here? (photo)

Have indents/collapse on nose after primary rhino 10yrs ago.I SAID DID NOTwant bone work but was done(no open roof,he just thought it... READ MORE

Spreader Grafts Using Helix Ear Cartilage. Is It Possible? (photo)

Hello. I need spreader grafts in a revision rhino to correct a pinched middle third and breathing issues. My question is regarding the use of Helix... READ MORE

How Much Bigger Can Spreader Grafts Make Me Nose?

Hi, My nose was reduce way too much. I want it to be made thicker. How much bigger can spreader grafts make the middle vault? READ MORE

How Long Should One Wait to Get a Revision Rhinoplasty Reduction and Removal of Spreader Grafts? (photo)

I had an initial rhinoplasty a year ago for slightly deviated septum (naturally deviated) and to my dismay, surgeon used spreader grafts and made my... READ MORE

Removal of Rib Onlay Graft and Spreader Grafts?

Hi, a few weeks ago I had spreader grafts and a rib onlay put in my nose (1st revision), and I'm a woman with a small nose that had a scooped bridge... READ MORE

Should I go for the revision? (photos)

Would love ur help! My Revision is scheduled on 4th of Sept-1 year post-op. Primary Doc saying: still swollen in supra-tip area & columella - wants to... READ MORE

Is there less cosmetic risk between removal of spreader graft or thinning of spreader grafts? why?

What kind of cosmetic issues can occur with removal of spreader grafts that are making nasal bones/bridge appear wide? Assume no prior breathing... READ MORE

How to Place a Spreader Graft So It Won't Be Seen Externally on a Thin-skinned Patient?

Hello, I have heard some doctors comment that spreader grafts can make the upper part of the nose too wide or bulky. However, I have seen some before... READ MORE

Can the placement of spreader graft between left upper lateral cartilage and strut grafts be removed in revision rhinoplasty?

I had a deviated septum rhinoplasty procedure just over a year ago where unknowingly spreader grafts and strut grafts were placed all inside my nose... READ MORE

Can I add a small bump back and make my nose look thinner, tip more projected? (over 9 months post op). (photos)

I wrote 'before' and 'after' under the photos, so you can tell which is which. I posted earlier on, but I think I have an inverted V deformity. There... READ MORE

Repeat osteotomy for a wide/splayed bone on one side only. Is it reasonable to believe a third attempt can correct it?

Prior to any surgery my nose was straight. Primary closed surgery which included spreader grafts caused right bone to heal very crooked. I had a... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Last Year to Correct an Inverted V Where Spreader Grafts Were Placed in Nose?

I've always had a long slender nose. However, now it appears to wide. Can these spreader grafts be removed? I really hate the new appearance of my nose. READ MORE

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