Smile + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Will I Ever Have my Smile and Face Expressions Back Again?

I had revision rhinoplasty and revision chin implant seven months ago. I do not smile or have the face expressions I had before. I look so horrible... READ MORE

Will my Smile Ever Go Back to Normal After Rip Graft Nose Revision? when Will I See my Final Results?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago & my nose is very stiff because of the rip graft, but my smile and laugh are not back to normal, my upper... READ MORE

11 months post op Revision Rhinoplasty, the entire tip looks piggy and has no definition. Any suggestions? (photos)

Eleven months ago I had revision Rhinoplasty. My septum was deviated, since surgery one nostril is literally pointing downwards where the other one... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision with same results, a dropped / lowered tip and wide nostrils. Large for my narrow face. (photos)

I hate my smile! First rhino was 2yrs ago. The dr. narrowed the bridge, alar revision and lowered the tip. I complained about a weird smile and pointy... READ MORE

Wanting a plunging tip/ hanging columella Rhinoplasty Revision. (photos)

It's now a year since my rhino, when the cast was removed I noticed right away that my hanging columella issue had not been addressed, all though I... READ MORE


Will a columella strut taken from my rib (ear unsuccessful from previous surgery) be able to "lift and elevate" my lips at the same time to... READ MORE

2/3 of my nose hook down while smiling after implant removal. What can I do in revision?

I was injured, (lower lateral cartilage healed derotated-I actually watched the nose drop/shift after injury), about 1 mm elevated, and derotated to... READ MORE

I'm looking to get a Revision Rhinoplasty and need professional advice. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty 5 years ago and as the swelling went down I noticed that the tip was deviated to my right side. There is a little bump on the tip... READ MORE

At what point can I not have another Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty when I was 18 years old... two years later, I had another and was told that i fell in the 30% of individuals who had... READ MORE

I have a drooping tip when smiling. How can it be corrected? I'd like it to look more feminine (Photo)

How can the drooping tip when smiling be corrected? I had revision rhinoplasty seven years ago and have struggled with the outcome. A cartilage graph... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and botox

I had open rhinoplasty 6 months ago. Is there still any chance that my nose shrinks? I dont like the way it goes down when I smile. My nostrils go up... READ MORE

Partial Revision Rhinoplasty. Is this going to be a mistake? (Photo)

At 18 (2010), I had rhino by Dr. Singer (La Jolla). I went to refine my nose narrow, bring the tip up when I smile (it drooped more) & feminize it. He... READ MORE

Can the tip and end of my nose be lengthened? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty to get rid of a small dorsal hump. The surgeon convince me to have surgery done on the tip, but he raised the tip alot and the... READ MORE

What has happened to my nose? Should I undergo third rhinoplasty? (photos)

In 2013 I underwent complete rhinoplasty and for about a year I was happy with the result but everytime I was somewhere where was cold my nose tip... READ MORE

Revision on scooped nose when I smile? Any thoughts?

I did a rhinoplasty to remove a small one sided hump, and I wanted some refinement. The hump is gone which I'm super happy about, but in person & when... READ MORE

How can I figure out how many degrees I need to be rotated in nasal tip revision?

I had a revision for a droopy, bulbous tip and my surgeon actually derotated my nose so that I have a witch nose when I smile. I had a droopy tip... READ MORE

I had my nose done 3 times already and am very unhappy and depressed. Can you fix my nose? How much will it cost me? (photo)

My 1st rhinoplasty was the best result i had out of the three. My 2nd was ok but had alot of scars between nose and cheeks when I smiled and area... READ MORE

Second Rhinoplasty Advice: what would you recommend I request for the issues with my nose? (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty a year ago and there are several things that I'm unhappy with. My nostril show, they are retracted and a little notched and... READ MORE

9 months after surgery columella strut feels too long. Can't smile properly. What can I do?

I had a collumela strut out in almost 9 months ago. It has softened some over the months but I'm still unable to smile properly. I feel the strut... READ MORE

I had a caudal extension graft on my nose for Revision Rhinoplasty. It looks flat on the front & oblique. Any suggestion?(photo)

My nose is now unsightly and flat from the front. My tip droops slightly and when I smile it goes down. From the side it does not look that droopy. It... READ MORE

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