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Should I Take out my Silicone Nose Job?

It's been about 3 years since my last rhinoplasty. I underwent the procedure in Korea b/c they are popular for the use of silicone. However, after... READ MORE

Between Silicone and Gore Tex Which Will Be Better?

I had my rhinoplasty a couple of weeks using silicone implant since it was strongly recommended by my surgeon, after 5 days i just woke up having a... READ MORE

Augmented Nose Bridge Still Off-center After Revision (9 Days Post Op)

Oct '08, I got an L-shaped silicone implant in my nose. Closed Rhino. The implant shifted to the right over time. I got a revision rhino on... READ MORE

Is my Body Rejecting the Silicone in my Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty last October and two months later I acquired this blob inside the left nostril. The doctor said it would go away. Nine... READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Remove Silicone from Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and silicone was used it seems I might have an infection. I have a blob full of puss on the left side of my nostril and... READ MORE

What is Alternative to Silicone Implant? Rib Cartilage Safe?

Hi, I got my rhinoplasty about a year ago in another country but i have been seeing redness and white color near 2mm is silicone placed in my nose... READ MORE

What is the Fee for an Alar Cinch Suture is It a Minor Surgical Procedure, is It Reversible?

I had a small premaxillary silicone implant for only 3 weeks, removed over 3.5 months ago, my nose has changed, it is wider at the base with flaring... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, from Goretex to Silicone??

I had goretex and ear cartilage for my primary rhinoplasty almost a year ago. I plan to do a revision. Is it okay to do a revision with silicone?... READ MORE

Will Ear Cartilage in Tip for Rhino Augmentation Feel Soft and Flexible? Almost Like Original Nose?

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago using L shaped silicone, and my tip now is super hard. And I hate it because everyone who touch my tip will know I had... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Remove the "Fake" Tip of the Nose? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2004 to correct a big hump in my nose but unfortunatly the procedure was badly done, I was also breathing poorly, so I had to... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Have Nose Tip Touched Up While Removing Silicone Implant?

I decided to remove silicone implant (2mm) due to skin trouble (raised my tip with nose and ear cartilage as well). I asked if removing silicone... READ MORE

Can Failing Silicone Implant Be Removed and Tip of Nose Balanced Out?

I had revision rhinoplasty 13 years ago where a silicone implant was used to build up my bridge. The implant has now extruded into my right nostril... READ MORE

Why Silicone Instead of Rib Cartilage for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Had a revision rhinoplasty and he said he could not use ear cartilage because it wasn't strong enough so he went with some silicone. Why did he... READ MORE

Revision Options for Shifted Nose Implant and Breathing Issues?

Hi, I got a silicone nose implant one year ago. I think since my nose is quite deviated to start with the implant is shifted to the left. It feels... READ MORE

Repair Of Hole Inside Nose From Implant Extrusion?

Hello, I had an silicone implant removed 7 months ago due to extrusion on the inside of my nose. The hole has not healed. When I blow my nose air... READ MORE

L Silicone Tip Vs Ear Graft for Tip?

Hello. this question might help other people too. The picture is not mine i have seen it while doing a research. The image shows a hollowed/dented... READ MORE

Nose - Would You Have Used Silicone?

I had to undergo a revision rhinoplasty as my first doctor basically left me with no nose. I have no septum or cartilage left. The doctor who did the... READ MORE

Second Nose Job - I Want to Reduce Nasal Bone Base Which is Meeting my Cheek Bone? (photo)

Do I Need Lateral or Medial Osteotomies? Can it shift Silicon implant (I had it inserted one year ago at first rhinoplasty ) ? Can it increase height... READ MORE

What is the best way to approach removing silicone implant and cartilage grafts from nasal tip?

10 months ago I had an I shaped silicone implant and cartilage grafts from my ear to refine my nasal tip and increase projection. I want both removed... READ MORE

Silicone sticking out my nose! Please help! (photo)

Hello, i am a 19 year old female, and I had rhinoplasty in South Korea in September 2016. Everything was fine until a pimple caused the silicone to... READ MORE

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