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Do I Need Revision Rhinoplasty for Supra Alar Pinched Tip?

I had open Rhinoplasty 3 months ago. I think I have supra alar pinched tip, although the tip itself is not pinched. This is my picture, can you please... READ MORE

Permanent Swelling and Fluid from Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a Revision Rhinoplasty 8 months ago on the bridge of my nose. The swelling on the bridge still comes and goes. Sometimes it's so bad that when I... READ MORE

Recurrent Infection from Nose Implant After Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello, I'm 23, female and just had revision rhinoplasty last May to remove my silicone implant due to infection. It was replaced with my ear cartilage... READ MORE

Nose Whistling and Stuffiness After Revision Rhinoplasty

I recently had a revision rhinplasty in a prestigious hospital in Chicago. At 7 weeks after surgery, I feel as though I have a stuffy feeling in my... READ MORE

What Are the Long-term Effects of Having Multiple Rhinoplasties?

I've had primary and secondary rhinoplasty done. And I was wondering if it could possibly give me any problems in the future...Say 10 or 20 years.... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing?

I had a Rhinoplasty done to correct a slightly deviated septum and improve breathing due to the nose collapsing inward. Spreader grafts were placed... READ MORE

Fascia Grafts for 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty: is This Safe? Will It Last? What Are the Downsides?

Hello, I've had two bad rhinoplasties, with the last one leaving my nose completely deformed. :( I've visited three top doctors in my country, and... READ MORE

Artefill or Silikon-1000 in the Nose?

I was told I needed a complex, graft-filled revision. Because of this and my experience with bad surgeries, I am seriously considering nonsurgical... READ MORE

Restore Dorsal Hump?

I recently had a septorhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum and crooked nose. My dorsal hump was softened to a great degree that my appearance has... READ MORE

They Say a Nose Will Still Heal for a Year or More After Rhinoplasty, So Can Intense Exercise Effect Outcome Within Then?

I understand some doctors say within 4 weeks or a 8 weeks you can exercise and life heavy weights. But if your nose is still healing and reducing... READ MORE

My Doc Has Told Me That I Need Irradiated Rib Grafting for my Revision Rhinoplasty. What Are Some Side Effects?

My Doc Has Told Me That I Need Irradiated Rib Grafting for my Revision Rhinoplasty. What Are Some Side Effects? READ MORE

Can I be having dexamethasone side effects after revision Rhinoplasty surgery ?

I had a rhinoplasty revision surgery overseas on May 19. I was given dexamethasone 1 mg to take daily for 30 days. I have been experiencing anxiety... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid onto cartilage grafts, any bad side effects?

Hello, I've underwent a secondary rhinoplasty one year ago. An irradiated homologous costal cartilage(IHCC) graft has been placed on my bridge to... READ MORE

Is it really need of silicone implant in my case, any natural alternative of silicone? (photos)

I have a crooked nose from the bridge of my nose. I have SMR surgery in FEB 2015 in which doctor took my cartilage in result I have now saddle and... READ MORE

Revision tip plastry side effects?

I had ear cartilage graft last year and i decided to go under revision tip plastry since i wasnt satisfied. So i went under surgery two days ago... READ MORE

Why does my nose look deviated? And my nostrils uneven? Swelling/side effect? (photo)

I have had my rhinoplasty exactly 1 months ago . I did it to correct the septum deviation , remove adenoids, for my breathing problems, as well as... READ MORE

What options are there to reduce turbinates? And what are the side effects?

I had a septorhinoplasty and a graft was put in my right nasal. It seems to have depressed more,breathing is obstructed and im told my septum is still... READ MORE

What is the % of side effect of revision rhinoplasy?

I had a rhinoplasy two years ago in DC no side effect and breath perfectly, yet there is a very slight difference in before and after and my nose... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago, everything seems perfect except the itching. Constant itching 24/7, advice on stopping it?

I had a rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago, everything seems perfect except the itching. Constant itching 24/7 nothing is making it better. I tried nose drops,... READ MORE

How soon can I do CoolSculpting after revision rhinoplasty?

I have a very long (8 hour) revision rhinoplasty done 1.5 weeks ago. I had scheduled a coolsculpting appointment for four spots (muffin top, and both... READ MORE

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