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Is It Possible to Reattatch MC Footplates to the Septum?

During primary Rhinoplasty (years ago), the attachments of the MC footplates to the nasal septum were cut and I believe this is, in part, why my... READ MORE

Nasal Sutures to Straighten Septum?

Nasal sept straight but deviated to left. Primary rhino doc used closed approach and spreader graft along with a mattress suture. Looking to revision... READ MORE

I want my old nose back! Is it possible with revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I recently had a rhinoplasty to fix a twisted looking septum and reduce columella visibility a touch. The result was much more than I wanted. The... READ MORE

Who Should Foot the Bill for Revision Rhinoplasty?

About two months ago I had an open Rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum. It seems to have fixed the problem, however my nose was supposed to be... READ MORE

Possible for Buckled Septum to Heal Straight After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have had 3 rhinos in the last 5 years, my last one was 3 weeks ago. My PS said i hardly have any septum to work with, what i did have left is... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty, Followed by a Setoplasty. I Want a Second Rhinoplasty. What Are the Risks?

I had rhinoplasty on my nose five years ago, after this procedure I had breathing difficulties.I then had septoplasty and my turbinates operated on to... READ MORE

Should I Have Revision Septoplasty to Remove Cartilage? Is This The Best Option?

After my first septoplasty the left bottom of my septum is out of its articulation with the bone and when I push from that side it flaps to the right,... READ MORE

callus/bump on bridge removal with steroids causes nose tip to be pulled up?

Hello   i had revision rhinoplasty a month ago for septoplasty and alar retraction. I had an open procedure. Although not much was done to my... READ MORE

Is this a nasal spur that has developed after my recent rhinoplasty revision? (photos)

I am currently three weeks post op of having a rhinoplasty revision. I noticed pretty soon after having the surgery that some tissue or bone was... READ MORE

Can cartilage grafts be trimmed back or removed in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have seen numerous mixed responses from doctors on this site relating to the question on whether cartilage grafts placed from prior rhinoplasty can... READ MORE

Is Septal Cartilage Always the First Choice for Grafting?

A reputable revision rhinoplasty surgeons office told me they only use ear or rib cartilage for grafts, even if septal cartilage is available. I... READ MORE

I had major reconstructive surgery. Is it possible to de-project the tip and make it come closer to my face? (photos)

When I was 16 year I had a rhinoplasty. The result was a over scooped nose with a even more boulbous tip. 20 years later I had a revision... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgeries. Line under nose when I raise my lip when smiling/laughing still 19 months post op (photo)

After three surgeries on my nose I have three attempts (different surgeons) to centralise a severely twisted, dislocated septum. The last surgery I... READ MORE

Considering 3rd procedure to my nose after almost all cartilage was removed. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello.  Before the internet age where it became easier to research potential surgeons, I got a couple who pretty much wiped out my cartilage and... READ MORE

My columella is retracted from a doctor trying to de-rotate my tip?

I had a tip that was a bit over-rotated and the doctor de-rotated it and added a strut removing my columella. it looks very aggressive and sharp and i... READ MORE

Why can't my deviated septum be fixed & nose not appear crooked? CAT SCAN in Italy reveals septum was never fixed? (photos)

I've been in a car accident in the Alps--nose is even more crooked than after my last SeptoRhinoplasty expected. But not by much. DOCS... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- Replace entire septum with rib cartilage?

Surgeon wants to remove entire septum and replace with rib cartilage due to persistent devisation (s shaped bend)causing breathing difficulty despite... READ MORE

Would I be able to fix my caved in nose? (Photos)

I have done two rhinoplasty surgeries for my deviated septum. After my first surgery, i went to see another doctor who I told my septum wasn't... READ MORE

Nose too high after rhinoplasty with septal cartilage? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty to reduce a wide nasal bone and fix bulbous nose + septal cartilage, and revision for tip 5 months ago. The doctor did septal... READ MORE

What specialist would you recommend for a third revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

Worms eye view leaning and pushing things out of place Revision specialist needed. A surgeons advise is best . Someone highly respected in the... READ MORE

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