Septal Perforation + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Septal Perforation Repair Options/Risks?

I am 6 mos PO rhino revision w/ fascia/mucosa graft perf repair. Aesthetically, the revision is excellent. However, the graft failed. My perf is about... READ MORE

Revision Doctor Found Septal Perforation Post Rhino, Is It Ok To Proceed?

I had my initial rhino 2/2010 and am currently in search of a revision due to undesirable/unexpected results. In a recent examination with a new... READ MORE

Septal Perforation Repair? (photo)

I had my 3rd revision rhinoplasty in Dec 2011. I've only had the tip done where the dr used septal cartilage. Consequently, I have a septal... READ MORE

Doctor Wants to Re-operate 3 Mos After First Rhino/Septal Perf Repair - Good or Bad Idea?

Hello. I had Rhino with closure of a perf septum with rib graft in Mid Sept 2012. Since this I have headaches, nose swells, shrinks, shifts on daily... READ MORE

Can you get a revision rhinoplasty done if you have a septal perforation?

Hello, I've gotten rhinoplasty done in the past and I now got a septal perforation. My nose is still crooked and i want my tip to be up more. Can we... READ MORE

Can the septal perforations be repaired forever?

I have septal perforation about 2cm and the doctors of ENT told me do not listem to who tells you that it can be repaired because all trials failed ,... READ MORE

In real need of an undisputed Revision Rhinoplasty expert.

Three months ago I had a highly regrettable Septo/Rhinoplasty which left me with a short, upturned pig nose AND a Septal Perforation. I am truly... READ MORE

Who would be the trusted expert to fix a septal perforation and overly shortened nose?

My primary Septo/Rhinoplasty four months ago left me with a Septal Perforation and overly shortened nose. I feel victimized, as I put my trust in... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty an option following nasal septal perforation surgery?

I had septal perforation and underwent surgery to have this corrected in October last year (2014). Pig protein was used to cover the perforation which... READ MORE

Having 2nd surgery to improve breathing & droopy tip.I would appreciate anyone who can offer suggestions/ helpful advice?(photo)

I've had a septoplasty and spreader graft back in 2012 and since then developed a septal perforation to big to fix , I've been to 3 reputable Drs who... READ MORE

Second surgery and sepal perforation has gotten larger. Any suggestions?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago and developed a septal perforation. I had revision rhinoplasty with septoplasty and conchial graft just two months ago.... READ MORE

Who is the leading expert on septal perforations?

I need help fixing a septal perforation. It is getting larger. Is it feasible to have this kind of surgery overseas away from home? READ MORE

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