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Revision Rhino-severely over Scooped Bridge, Visible Columella and Visible Incision Scare from Open Rhinoplasty 2008?

I had a septo/rhino in 08' that lead to an severely over-scooped bridge(Boxers nose) and an over rotated tip. I'm seeking options for a revision. The... READ MORE

Is tip revision rhinoplasty worth the risk? (Photo)

I am considering a revision rhinoplasty to fix asymmetry in the tip of my nose. I had a previous revision to narrow the bridge but have never... READ MORE

How Long After a Poor Rhinoplasty Can Fillers Be Used, and Are They Dangerous? (photo)

Basically I had a terrible nose job a month ago. My bridge is super thin and I might have a scooped bridge deformation. My nasal bone is also insanely... READ MORE

4 weeks post op rev rhino. Nose is so crooked! Dr says it's swelling & to massage it.Does this look like normal swelling?(photo)

All he did was rasp the sides of nose to make it more narrow and rasp/scoop the nose. I'm trying to be patient but am worried I'm going to need a... READ MORE

1 year post op Rhinoplasty, my bridge is too scooped and low. How hard is it to prop up bridge more?

Had previous rhinoplasty over a year ago to try a correct a scooped out bridge and low radix. I have found bridge still too scooped and low. How hard... READ MORE

Revision on scooped nose when I smile? Any thoughts?

I did a rhinoplasty to remove a small one sided hump, and I wanted some refinement. The hump is gone which I'm super happy about, but in person & when... READ MORE

Complex revision rhinoplasty for fracture left nasal bone scooped profile and tip? (photo)

Hi Doctors Im looking to have revision for my nose and i really need your recommendation and your suggestions for my case i could travel to us any... READ MORE

Is this a good result? (photo)

I had revision rhino two months ago and it seems too scooped and unnatural looking on my face. Is this a good result? Can I expect much more in terms... READ MORE

Amount of time to wait for revision? Ear enough or need rib graft too? Getting mixed responses.

I am thoroughly confused. Started consults for revisions - am 8 weeks post op. Never planned plastic, septum only. Here I am with overshortened nose... READ MORE

Options for 2nd rhinoplasty revision? I really desire a strong, straight or slight convex nose. (photos)

A primary open rhinoplasty in 2013 left my nose scooped out. My nose lacked masculinity and projection in 3/4 and full profile. A revision in 2015... READ MORE

What is wrong with top left nose bridge after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

My top left bridge (on the right side in the photo) is lower in height than the right side so the overall effect is it looks scooped. It makes the... READ MORE

Need help. Revision rhinoplasty? Initial rhinoplasty in Atlanta left me with a bumpy bridge. Scooped too much out? (Photo)

Initial rhino was July 2016, & my facial plastic surgeon told me I need a revision. From the photos, what exactly went wrong? What needs to be... READ MORE

Can the nostrils be widened with revision rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty over two years ago because I thought my nose was too wide . I had no bumps on my bridge . I have now got a scooped out bridge my... READ MORE

Will I need a revision?

I had a septo-rhinoplasty 8 days ago and I'm really upset with the results. I now feel like I have a very short nose with no projection. I also am... READ MORE

Profile deformity: Persistent bump or scooped out bridge? (photo)

I had a nasal bridge augmentation and tip narrowing. It's been 5 months since my surgery. My bridge has taken good shape but the tip looks... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty for scooped nose? (Photo)

Hi I had a nose job 2012. So 4 1/2 years post op but so I'm confident about the final results as you can see the nose is far too scooped and the tip... READ MORE

Will my nose stay scooped up looking like this? Or is it due to swelling? (photo)

I recently had my cast removed earlier today and am worried that my nose now looks too scooped up looking. I had a previous rhinoplasty because my... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty for a tip that is scooped on angle side when smiling?

Primary Rhinoplasty done, when I turn to an angle ( left or right) like in photos then smile my nose is scooped but from the side it is straight when... READ MORE

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