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How Many Revisions Can One Safely Get for a Nose Job?

I have had 3 nose jobs and my nose is still very long. Is it unsafe to try and have a 4th revision? What makes it look really long is the hollowed out... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - How Many is Too Many?

I have already had two revision rhinoplasties and think I might need a third? Is that too many? READ MORE

Safe to Have Another Surgery to Repair Columella and Get Nasal Arch Back?

I have just undergone a revision rhinoplasty about 3months now due to upturned nose & hanging columella. cartillages were taken from my ear to... READ MORE

Safe to Have Revision Two Months After Primary Rhinoplasty?

Soon after my cast came off I noticed a small bump on the left side of my bridge. It's very hard and feels like bone. After meeting with my doctor... READ MORE

Are 6 Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries Too Many?

I have had five surgeries now as the first 4 were a complete disaster and the last surgeon had to totally reconstruct my nose with cartilage and... READ MORE

Is it safe to get Rhinoplasty with general anesthesia with a innocent heart murmur and no other medical issues?

I recently found out I have an innocent heart murmur and my family doctor said its nothing to worry about. I want to have a revision rinoplasty but... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Sinus Infection

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago.I didn't like and request for the implant to be removed.Lately I realise that I have problem breathing.(I have been... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Have Nose Tip Touched Up While Removing Silicone Implant?

I decided to remove silicone implant (2mm) due to skin trouble (raised my tip with nose and ear cartilage as well). I asked if removing silicone... READ MORE

Are There Complications in Adding Extra Medpor Material to Nose Tip?

Dear Doctors, I was wondering if there are complications or problems with doing a revision tip rhinoplasty using extra medpor material even if you... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty 2 Months After Septoplasty Too Soon?

I had a rhinoplasty June 2010. By October I was have breathing trouble due to nasal valve collapse. My PS kept telling me that it would get better but... READ MORE

Need a Revision Rhinoplasty, is the Following Attainable)? (photo)

I didn't have a very satisfactory rhinoplasty for the following reasons: 1. tip's very low deviated to one side & has Tip Bossae -Knuckling 2.mid... READ MORE

Is it safe and realistic to have a third revision/fourth rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a primary in 2011, in 2012 I had the same doctor fix my primary with little tweaks here and there. Fast forward to 3 years my nose started to... READ MORE

Can Someone Enlighten Me on the Risky Aspects of Correcting a Tip in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I will prob undergo revision o add some fascia under my skin and add some volume and soften the tip. I also have a small notching at my alar sidewalls... READ MORE

What is a safe & permanent fix for filling a very deep radix? My Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon is recommending Gore Tex sheets.

My surgeon filed down my nasal dorsal hump with a rasp & had to fill my very deep radix. Over the nasal radix, a layered cartilage graft from septal... READ MORE

When is it safe to smoke marijuana after revision rhinoplasty?

I got revision rhinoplasty exactly 1 month ago. Cartilage was added onto my bridge and my nostrils were made symmetrical (2 years ago in my first... READ MORE

Is it safe for a surgeon to administer kenalog injections at the time of surgery?

I am 1 year post op open rhino & would like to revise a rhinoplasty that used ear cartilage & medpor. I have a lot of scar tissue to remove as well.... READ MORE

Over-resected nose bridge. Options? (Photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago and I think my surgeon left my bridge too scooped. It looks very fake from some angles. Anyone can tell. I made a... READ MORE

Would Hyaluronic Filler Injection temporarily fix overprotected nose tip after revision? Is it safe in my condition? (photo)

Kindly need Doctor(s) expertise advice. 3mo already since last revision.No improvement to tip projection. From pictures attached,right side is the... READ MORE

Failed osteotomy and open roof deformity. Is it safe to have the bone pushed in 4 weeks after procedure in office? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I had a revision and my osteotomy has failed and I now have an open roof deformity. I will be going in for a follow up that will consist... READ MORE

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function?

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function? What is injected exactly? For what can it be used and could it ... READ MORE

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