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Rib and Fascia Vs Ear Cartilage to Fix a Scoop

I have a collapsed nasal valves,scooped bridge,and upturnrd tip from a primary rhino.I went on 2 consults for revision. One Dr suggested using ear... READ MORE

Why Might a Doctor Not Want to Use Ear or Rib Cartilage?

I am going for a revision rhinoplasty and my doctor is telling me the best he can do if I have enough cartilage in my nose. He is against ear or rib... READ MORE

Should I Get a Revision Rhinoplasty W/ Rib Cartilage?

Hi, I've had a rhinoplasty about 18 months ago. Aside from poor breathing, a constant runny nose, a hole in the septum (which I was told is about... READ MORE

I Am Having Revision Rhinoplasty to Remove a Rib Graph. What Am I in Store For?

I am also doing this with no sedation only a local numbing. There is very few information about rhinoplasty with no sedation. I know everyone is... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Sinus Infection

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago.I didn't like and request for the implant to be removed.Lately I realise that I have problem breathing.(I have been... READ MORE

Why Silicone Instead of Rib Cartilage for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Had a revision rhinoplasty and he said he could not use ear cartilage because it wasn't strong enough so he went with some silicone. Why did he... READ MORE

Rib cartilage or silicone replacement for revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi doctors, I got my nose done twice 10 years ago. At first, I only got the silicon implant. At the second, I think that the doctor did a skin... READ MORE

Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage - I need a revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct the tip of my nose and dorsum.

Hi, I need a revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct the tip of my nose and dorsum, i'd like to know if irradiated cadaver rib cartilage would be suitable... READ MORE

Worried About the Structural Integrity of my Nose?

As I have mentioned already on this board, my nose is deformed after excessive cartilage being removed, if i go ahead with revision phinoplasty, graft... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty- Replace entire septum with rib cartilage?

Surgeon wants to remove entire septum and replace with rib cartilage due to persistent devisation (s shaped bend)causing breathing difficulty despite... READ MORE

Rib cartilage used for 2nd rhinoplasty revision all along nose and tip. Am I at extra risk for infection or warping?

I had rib cartilage rhinoplasty (3rd surgery, first with rib) and alot of rib was used on dorsum, bridge and tip. I am worried of warping or infection... READ MORE

What are the chances of diced rib cartilage resorption after Revision Rhinoplasty?

Two weeks ago I had a revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage. As I have very thin skin they used small diced cartilage on the bridge and the tip.... READ MORE

If I choose Autologous Rib cartilage revision can be done as soon as now. (photos)

My surgeon doesnt reply my msg anymore so I gotta ask here. My 1st Rhino was in 2012.Open Approach Nose Bridge+Tip Revision on May 16th,then the rib... READ MORE

What is Turkish delight? Is that cartilage from ear wrapped in fascia?

Is that cartilage wrapped in fascia? And is that better then rib? What is the preference to build a bridge back up? READ MORE

Would Silastic implants or rib be best for me for a revision Rhinoplasty in ethnic patients in dorsum or tip?

Unsuccessful 2nd rhinoplasty involving a medpor tip top graft put into tip to refine/rotate a bulbous, overprojected nose.I healed well till I was... READ MORE

Can the ribs that women want removed for a smaller waist be used to augment the dorsal?

I have had at least 5 silicone dorsal implants. Each one was beautiful for about a year or two before the skin started to thin to a critical point.... READ MORE

Costal rib cartilage QS for Revision Rhinoplasty

Which Rib number is used best for revision rhinoplasty to the bridge and as columellar strut graft? And tends to less curl/warp in your opinion? Does... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to reduce bridge but have silicone implant from primary. Will I have enough cartilage left?

I had my primary rhinoplasty while I was living in Tokyo in '08. I'm caucasian and naturally have a large bridge. I wanted it reduced plus my hump... READ MORE

Risks of lifting nostrils? And reducing the philtrum?

I will be having revision rhinoplasty by lengthening the nose & will involve rib cartilage. My ps told me that he would lift the nostrils & extend the... READ MORE

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